Think You Are Too Weird? Actually You are Not Weird Enough!

by SofiaWren on October 31, 2016

think-youre-too-different_I hear something along the lines of this from women writers and creative entrepreneurs  ALL the time:

“No one gets me cuz I’m weird (or geeky, or different).”


“No one gets my work because it’s hard to describe (or complex, or different).”

But here’s what REALLY is going on, as I heard a colleague say recently:

“It’s not that you’re too weird. It’s that you’re not weird enough.”

Here’s the thing – what makes you unique, different and unlike ANYONE else – is what SETS YOU APART from everyone else doing similar work.

Your weirdness is important.

How you are UNIQUE is your POSITIONING, your “Unique Selling Position” or “Value Proposition.”

But often we resist showing our uniqueness in our Marketing, worried we’ll be too weird.

And showing our quirky or weird in video?

Hell, no.

That’s exactly the problem!

Until we find a way to STAND OUT and GET HEARD among the numerous others who do similar work or who have a similar message, we can not have the kind of impact, reach and success we want.

But figuring out the ways you and your services are TRULY UNIQUE can be elusive (to say the least).

Here’s a hint: You find your Positioning in your quirky, your point of view and your strong opinions.

You don’t have to figure this all out alone.

If you want some help bringing your quirky and uniqueness out in your Marketing and Videos, give Sarah Michael 21 Days and she’ll sort you out.

Check it out here.

Sarah is heading into the next round of her game-changing course Project: You on Monday, October 31st.

Project: You is ALL the INNER work you need to get you COMFORTABLE passionately Sharing your Opinions + Owning your Power.

By the end, you’ll be comfortable:

– Showing your face on camera + being SEEN in the physical

– Sharing your opinions and quirkiness

– Giving of your MOST brilliant and unique gifts and talents

– Being your most brilliant, clearly demonstrating you know your stuff

Through the process, you’ll also figure out your 1% Unique Factor, which is what Sarah calls your Unique Positioning, so you SOUND like YOU (and only you).

And bonus! You get to connect more deeply with me because I love going through this event. I meet the coolest weirdest women this way. I love making friends and deepening connections so I hope you will play with me!! xoxoxo

Get the full skinny + Get started here.

Sarah is someone I’ve come to trust for ways to bring more of ME out in my Marketing. If you want some help with video, she’s your gal.  

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