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Are you a writer or creative entrepreneur?

Do you want to get out there more?


I help writers and creatives ready to get themselves out there in a bigger way, who want to make faster progress and reach more people. I guide you to get comfortable being seen for who they truly are and to expose your work and message to more people.


If that sounds like you, hi! My name is Sofia Wren and I’ve been helping people like you to make faster progress for over four years.

I don’t have a one size fit all approach. I believe every person as a creator, every part of the process and every business or piece of writing is different. What you are creating is unique and requires a different kind of support.

Every person has an intuitive hunch about what to do next, but it may be buried under feeling overwhelmed, scattered, fear about what people will think or sadness that changes are happening. I’m a master at helping you gain clarity on what to do next because you can hear your intuition and trust it so you can start to take action from the best place towards your goals.

Sometimes technologies like email systems, blogs, websites, facebook, social media provide a lot of opportunity for you to get out there, but it’s just not your genius or something you want to do yourself. You only have so much time. In that case, maybe I can help you as a virtual assistant and content manager.

You are creating and building something special, and you are special, so let’s talk to see what you need. 

The best way to know where to start is to contact me for a free conversation. We can dig into your situation: your goals, your challenges and I will recommend something to help you where you are at, from my list of services, from free resources I know about, or by giving you a referral, for example. It’s a great way to get clarity and get started moving forward in a way that fits you.

Contact me to talk about your situation and get a recommendation on what would help you get out there. 


And lastly…

Many people have been wondering where they can buy or get more information about my forthcoming book FREEDOM: From Doormat to Dominance and Beyond


*Please note: It is my mission to bring a balance of masculine and feminine energies into the world. I do work with some very cool men that are open to my blended approach as well! But I mostly worth with women, so all language on my site is geared to address women. In the past the default for a singular empowered person was “he,” and for me it is “she.” But guys are cool, too.


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