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Are you a writer or creative entrepreneur?

Do you have a message that you’d like to share with the world?


My name is Sofia Wren and I’ve been helping people like you to make faster progress for over four years.

From working with writers to get them inspired to write daily, and helping entrepreneurs to develop their offerings and reach more clients all over the world, I have come to believe in something I call Creative Soul.

I believe that not only do people have a unique energy that can give clues as to what they should do next (through hearing their intuition clearly and trusting it) but books, blogs, businesses and social media sites have energy, too!

That’s how I help people– I tap into the situation with what they are creating and where they are at as the Creator, and recommend their next steps. And I love empowering people to do this, too!

That’s why I created the Free Creative Soul Series: So you can make faster progress and get your message to the world!

While you may have some fears or frustrations about technology, finishing your writing project, or getting more leads, there is a way around this– more passion, more play and more Creative Soul.

If you’d like to learn more about my easy and intuitive way to always know what to do next, then sign up for the FREE Creative Soul series on Making Faster Progress so you can get your message to the world faster and farther.


Need someone to hold you by the hand and help you figure this out FAST?

Maybe you need a social media strategy, to get writing, or you have things you need to figure out for your business NOW. I can help!

If you’re struggling because you not making the progress you want on your book, business offering or marketing OR frustrated you haven’t even started putting it out there, sign up for a free conversation with me where I can connect to you and what you are working on to recommend next steps to you. I might recommend a free resource, a referral or working with me. Whatever works best for your situation!

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And lastly…

Many people have been wondering where they can buy my forthcoming book FREEDOM: From Doormat to Dominance and Beyond

Sign up above for the VIP Book Release announcement here, it’s expected by Fall 2016.


*Please note: It is my mission to bring a balance of masculine and feminine energies into the world. I do work with some very cool men that are open to my blended approach as well! But I mostly worth with women, so all language on my site is geared to address women. In the past the default for a singular empowered person was “he,” and for me it is “she.”


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