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Hello welcome!

Are you a writer or entrepreneur?

Do you want to make faster progress on your projects?

I help spiritual writers and entrepreneurs ready to get themselves out there in a bigger way, who want to make faster progress and reach more people. I guide you to get comfortable being seen for who you truly are and make more consistent progress as a writer or creator.

When you can hear your intuition clearly, then you always know what to do next.

Where do I come in? I help you to hear yourself better and help you take the steps to being seen as uniquely YOU through completed writing and business projects.

My name is Sofia Wren and I’ve been helping people like you to make faster progress for over five years.

Call me weird but I don’t have a one size fit all approach. I believe every person and every business or piece of writing is different. Helloooo–What you are creating is unique! And that requires a different level of support than you typically find.

It’s spiritual.

If you’ve been feeling like things are fuzzy or scattered but you really want to make faster progress, then listen up. I can help you tune into what you need to do and make faster progress.

And don’t worry it’s not just about telling you what to do. I believe that deep down you know what to do next. Your intuition does. It’s just that sometimes we can lose the thread of our clarity and our inspiration. Maybe what you want to do is getting buried under feeling overwhelmed, fear about judgements or what people will think, or stress around big changes happening in your life or work.

I’m a master at helping you gain clarity on what to do next because you can hear your intuition and trust it so you can make faster progress towards your goals. And be empowered as the totally unique creator you are.

Books. Businesses. Opt-in Gifts. Blogs. Email Sequences. Sales Page. Social Media Posts. Product Launches. Video Scripts. Brand Colors. A New Website. Personal Hobbies. Your Story.

Maybe you have a LOT going on, a lot of ideas, and you really need to simplify all that creativity so you feel more focused, less confused about what to do next and more satisfied with the progress you are making towards creating something you can be proud of.

You are creating, or writing something special, and you are totally unique, so let’s talk to see what you need next to move your project or projects along in a smoother way. 

The best way to know where to start is to contact me and ask me for a free conversation. We can dig into your situation: I will ask about your goals, what you are working on, your challenges and based on your answers I will recommend next steps for your situation like a book, a blog, a tip, a plan for what to tackle next, a reference or even one of the ways you can work with me. It’s simple, let’s talk and get you some clarity on what to do next so you can move forward with your writing or creating in a way that really fits you.

Contact me to talk about your situation and get a recommendation on what would help you to make faster progress.

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