Special Event: #SacredWritingChallenge Contest Announced

by SofiaWren on January 22, 2016


Since I’ve become a professional intuitive consultant, people ask me all the time how they can become more intuitive, always know what to do next and make everything easier and clearer in their own lives.

The absolute first tool I ever used to improve my intuition is writing!

Join me for a FREE Sacred Writing Challenge:

Click here to get more instructions on how to play

And NOW The Details for the Contest have been Announced (more below!)

By writing consistently every day, you will:


  • Easily figure out what you need to do because you let your intuition guide you.
  • Make real progress on your writing, so your work is out in the world and helping people.
  • Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worrying about what other people think.

There’s more instructions here if you want to join!

Just joining or catching up? You are not behind!

You are exactly where you need to be! I suggest you begin with the current day, so that you can keep track with the group, and then collect points towards the contest! It’s all what you make of it and any single writing session can be life changing so don’t be hard on yourself for missing days. Just start now.

How it works: 

Each day I will post a prompt or question for you to answer in your own words on paper and post an update or excerpt of your work.

I’ve also set up a group as well as a contest to support you as a place to share, ask questions, and connect as you go through this journey.




To clarify what was discussed in the Day One Kickoff event, which you may want to watch,

Points are gained when you:

– [1 Point] Comment below the daily prompt in the private Facebook group to let us know you wrote today and get 1 point!

– [2 points] Share a little more about your experience with writing today in the private group.

– [3 Points] Feel like going public? Post OUTSIDE the private facebook group i.e. publicly for all the world to see on facebook, instagram or some other public place online (set post to global not private) and use the tag ‪#‎sacredwritingchallenge‬ in your post. (Can be a closed notebook but share with the world that you are playing in the challenge with us)
Then come post in the private group so we can make sure that you get 3 points

-Max 3 points per day, whatever is the highest earning action of the day (not a sum) This is to encourage you to play every day.

-The prompt you post does not matter.


The Prizes are:

GRAND PRIZE for the Largest total number of points


  1. 1 Free hour of coaching with me to prepare you and  
  2. A Spotlight Youtube Interview on Google Hangouts, and introduction to my social media, blog and email community. This is big! More on the show about it.It’s a place for you to share your voice, what you are about and more.

2nd + 3rd prize are randomly selected.

* Every point is an additional chance to win

Two people will win (1) 30 minute private session with me, your creative + intuitive guide.

We can do a private intuitive reading, healing session for confidence, or work on your next steps for your creative project or writing. These are examples–we will do what will help you the most!


Here are some words from people who went through the challenge last year 🙂

Words from Writers







Sofia Wren

PS I hope you join the challenge!!! Get started here.

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