October: Here We go Again

by SofiaWren on October 5, 2017

If today’s post looks familiar, it’s because I pulled a similar card for the month of April earlier this year. In some ways this month will be same old, same old, repeating similar patterns. On another level, it is entirely different because your energy levels, enthusiasm, your point of view and inspiration will all be different. It’s like a spiral- we can circle around back right to the point where we were before, earlier in the cycle, and yet experience it all and a higher and more transcendent level.

On one level, seeing this card, I feel frustration. I wanted a new energy. I was hoping to draw the Fool. But the Ace of Wands really is a new energy type of card- as an Ace it is the beginning of a cycle, and as a fire card it has a generative fresh energy that can inspire many new things. But as an Ace it also embodies the entirety of the journey. Like the saying, “The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.” So any patterns from the past you have been battling are likely to make an appearance–make sure to keep yourself aware so you don’t fall into the same old traps as before if you really want to turn over a new leaf.

This makes it difficult for me to get excited but then I remember other things that have lit me up for some time in my creative world: singing, playing music, art, the ocean, going on walks with colorful leaves, a fire pit. What lights you up and gives you inspiration? What new things do you want to explore? How can you combine old and new in your life as you move to the next level?

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