November: 4 of Wands Reversed

by SofiaWren on November 17, 2017

This month’s message makes me laugh. This card is oh-so-familiar to me as it has been in my own personal readings for several months. I’ve been working and working with the energy of this card, and now it looks like I’ll be getting company!

However, this Reversed position is new for me, and in this case is a good thing. An energy is opening up in places that have felt limiting or small. We are suddenly becoming more propelled to us outside the box and fast and now, rather than trapped in our stuff.

It truly can be joyful. There is a fun and free energy to the reading this month. Can’t wait to experience it myself!

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Below is the message for November to help you know what to do next and make faster progress on your projects and in expressing more of who you really are to the world.

{The image of this card above is from the Wildwood Tarot}

This spiritual message of this month is based on the Tarot card 4 of Wands Reversed. Take a moment to be open to any positive shifts that may occur as you read this sacred writing and remember to breathe.

Prepare for a new energy. Maybe you’ve feel an unfurling, an unboxing, a releasing, happening in your life already. But it is only the beginning. How far can you allow yourself to grow. Can you approach the unknown with an open mind? Can you be vulnerable, can you lean into your fears and your strengths? Who will you become? What are you becoming? Maybe you don’t know–and maybe that is ok.


This is a time for fun and freedom. This is a time to touch base with your emotional and creative rituals, to go beyond what you have gone before. My feeling is that this opportunity to unravel what’s not working and dig into the truth and messiness of who we really are (in a good way that is sometimes scary) will be occurring all year as Jupiter is in Scorpio. It could be good, it could be bad, but whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding or hiding from yourself is sure to come up, so you may as well lean in. Rediscover yourself.

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Inspiration of the month: 

Something that has been inspiring me lately has been the music of Tash Sultana. She’s young, she’s dedicated to her craft and she’s an amazing musician and performer that has found success.

If you like that, you might also like my Music I Like Playlist on youtube as well. The most recent additions show up at the bottom of the list.


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