You Don’t Need Rescuing but You Might Need Witnessing

by SofiaWren on April 27, 2017

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Two new videos for you this month on the topic of recusing, fixing and getting stuck in other people’s problems.

Just a reminder that you are capable and you can do this! You don’t need rescuing (I don’t mean from a burning building, I mean from the things that come up in your life and feelings).

Similarly when you decide to stop waiting for other people to rescue you, or you decide to stop messing with other people’s stuff, then something happens…Sometimes grief comes up. That’s the way it usually goes because we cling to these things to try gain control and to suppress difficult emotions when they come up.

Check out the 2 videos for more on these topics, and I hope it inspires you this month! It will help you connect to what is really going on with you so you can make faster progress making your life the way you want it. Sending love xo


Second video– What happens when you stop rescuing people?

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by Sofia Wren

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