Sofia-1070At 21, Sofia Wren realizes that she is a total doormat. Her boss steals money from her. She gets her heart broken too many times. But at last when she starts losing friends because she is so passive, it really gets real.

Sofia is ready to turn over every possible stone to finally master being a “strong independent woman” in real life, when her best friend gives her the option to meet men who will not only give her all the power, but will clean her kitchen, treat her like a goddess, and give her endless massages for free.

However, when these new men continue to disappoint, Sofia struggles once more with the path to personal freedom, which is much harder than she ever imagined. She walks through life asking how can she become a strong, empowered woman and get what the good girl inside of her wantswithout going too far?

In this coming-of-age story and memoir, Sofia Wren at twenty nine reflects on her eccentric past and the real, raw moments that gave her freedom to embrace sexuality, personal power and express her voice with the truth and integrity of someone who has found herself at long last.

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by Sofia Wren

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