Writers & Creators: What’s Really Stopping You?

by SofiaWren on December 14, 2016

writingfreeSofiaWrenLearn the real reason you didn’t do what you said this year

For creators and writers

Are you ready to put yourself or your writing out there more?

Do you break promises to yourself about business or writing goals?


At this time of year we find ourselves reflecting on what we said we were going to do and what we actually did this year.

Before you go making your New Years resolutions and goals for the next year, I am offering a free workshop to give you clarity on:

–Whats really stopping you from doing what you said you would do

–Understand the three areas creators and writers get blocked so you are clear on what’s been going on for you.

–Why starting to focus on how many people you can help is so important (so you stop worrying about what other people will think.)

–Get work out in the world helping people because you make faster progress on your projects and writing

–Easily figure out what you need to do next because you know how to let your intuition guide you


There will also be time on the call to write and reflect have some reflective writing about 2016 and set intentions for 2017.

Free 60 minute Talk with Q&A

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PS I promise we will be really gentle not judgemental! I will share from the heart as well. I hope you can make it to receive this fantastic information to help you make faster progress and do what you said you wanted to do or something even better xo

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