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“I chose to work with Sofia because I believed she could help me discover areas where I had ‘blockage’ between me and my higher purpose: Helping small business owners know who they are, define their superpower, and find the words to articulate it.


My sessions with Sofia were powerful and cleansing; she was completely present and held a strong, loving space for me.


After working with Sofia, I felt at peace and ready to move forward living my purpose. I felt calm, confident, and grounded in my work. Sofia is a golden soul and sharing her light is a gift.”


Maggy Sterner, brand & business coach (





“Before working with Sofia, I wasn’t feeling confident about my worthiness to charge people for Reiki sessions with me, and was also concerned that my art work wasn’t good enough to sell, and that in order to sell it, I would need to price it really low.

I have come up with a name for my business and now have a website.  I feel much more confident in my ability to sell my healing art services and paintings, and to charge a reasonable price for both rather than sell myself short. I’m very excited about my new venture and have a new, much more positive outlook on it.

I have also realized, thanks to you, Sofia, that my story is very important and needs to be a part of what I do, and that this will help people to appreciate my work more fully. You are very good at helping someone determine their strengths and talents, and you creatively hone in on practical ways to utilize these abilities.

I would stress that you are very easy going and have really positive energy, and that you truly enjoy helping others in this way.” ~ Kim Lavinder, Artist and Energy Healer, Annapolis, MD



“Big, huge stuff is happening! It’s funny, when I spoke to Sofia Wren, she reminded me that I don’t have to focus on being “professional”  in some daunting way.  That I can just take steps. I feel like a clarity of purpose is part of what I am experiencing.

Sofia, in her gentle and wise way, helped me to find clarity of purpose with my music while reminding me to keep rooted in that purpose as I take intentional steps forward rather than being overwhelmed with how to put it all together perfectly. Once I released the worrying part, the path became more clear and the steps were more solid, like stepping stones. One baby step in particular has formed into amazing opportunity that is giving clear form to the path ahead.  Now, rather than having a pile of stones and pebbles rubbled before me that I must clear, the useful pieces of the pile are shifting forward to form the steps of clear path while the useless falls away. Thank you, Sofia!”

Kathryn, Musician


deisy“Sofia Wren is the next big name in the world of life coaching, intuitive reading and magical writing for the Divine Goddess within us all. Her vibrant perspective on any subject matter and the depth of her wisdom to understand the bigger vision of our natural and spiritual worlds is what makes Sofia a gifted guide and inspirational teacher to anyone at any age.

I’m grateful to have received coaching from this beautiful and authentic spirit, who is here to help guide anyone into finding the bliss of creative productivity.  Whether the topic is writing my book, starting my own business or refocusing my intentions, she has lead by example.

And in moments of doubt or feeling stuck, Sofia  motivated me back into moving into the direction of my own inner compass and life passion.

So far after being coached through law of attraction, I have my ideal body, my business is booming, my finances are more secure than ever because of my passion and connection to self and others. I have learned to live with joy and passion.

I will be hosting my first Yoga retreat this summer and I finally have found the courage to speak my truth. On my birthday, I will be giving my first public Law of Attraction talk on Becoming a Heart Centered Teaching and Learning Community at Kankakee Community College. This is just the beginning! Thank you Sofia!” ~Deisy Esther Anderson, Ph.D, Professor, IL



Before I worked with Sofia I was trying to create a “program” but I wasn’t totally clear on what it would look like. I was trying to force it into boxes –

Sofia helped me see that the creative energy I’m working with is not a program so much as it is my whole business, which is a creative extension of myself. What I was working with before the session was so much more rigid and limited than I really wanted it to be, and I didn’t have a good sense of its spirit because my view of it was clouded by preconceptions of what it should be.

Sofia, It felt like you made an effort to keep me feeling connected and safe throughout the session. The words you used were spot on for me. Then, at the end of the session, you gave me a sign that you had definitely connected to the creative soul of my business. The way you described the creative soul energy around me felt very accurate, and throughout the call you pointed out things to me that helped me see my situation in a more expansive way. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience that shifted my perception.

I felt excited after we worked together. I also felt reassured and comforted by what you revealed to me about the creative soul of my business. I had peace of mind at the end of the session that I just didn’t have before the session.

Now, I definitely trust that the creative soul of my business exists, and now I have images to connect to the energy of it. I also keep reminding myself of things you said, that have helped me let go of anxiety, open up to the possibilities around me more, and take more risks because I feel more safe. I’ve allowed myself to share my business ideas with potential clients, which I might not have had the courage to do the week before. I can normally hear my intuition pretty well, but working with you helped me find the courage to act on my intuition.

Allison S, Entrepreneur.


Writing Coaching, Collaboration, Support & Editing

“Sofia Wren is a literary soul-angel that will inspire you to reach your dreams.  I had her read my personal statement for my graduate program at USC and was so grateful for her honest, accurate and insightful advice.  She challenged me to unravel my true self in my essay. Thankfully, I took her advice and re-worked my essay to better reflect who I am and what I have accomplished.  I am now proud to be a Trojan! Thank you Sofia Wren!”

Morgan May Dickerson, B.S. Biology, UCLA, Graduate Student of Social Work, USC


When I came to you, I was feeling afraid to speak up. I was afraid to write openly and speak my truth.

I have been following your work for some time and it all connects so beautifully with me.

Wow. The process we worked with was amazing. Working directly with my fear. I felt like I made a connection with my fear. I made my fear my friend and it told me exactly what I needed to hear in order to move forward. It made it easier for me to connect with it on a deeper level.

After working with you I have been able to write a little more fluently and frequently. I have also been able to speak up as soon as I feel I need to!

To anyone thinking of hiring Sofia: Trust your gut feeling when you read, see, and hear Sofia’s work. You won’t be disappointed, she has a lot of heart in her work.

~Jenn, Florida


You’re in for a real treat by signing up to work with Sofia. I started working with her towards the end of 2014 when I was writing up my PhD and she helped me through some very dark times. Because not only was I writing up my PhD but I had moved back home with my parents and was also writing a children’s fantasy book. Sofia has literally bought me back from the brink many times. In particular I will never forget having a session with her after having just handing in my PhD. Sofia was so grounding, nurturing and compassionate at that time, just what I needed.

The past life work is amazing and incredibly powerful. I had always known that there were unseen forces holding me back from what I wanted to do. Some of my fears were totally crazy and illogical. Sofia’s processes transformed things. The trauma and fear melted away which enabled me to move forward to pursue my dreams. I have embraced who I really am, which is incredible considering I have been living back at home with my parents.

Working with Sofia has helped me to release my own judgements about pursuing a career in writing and really go for it. She has been instrumental In helping me to embrace and love my creativity. Simply put I love working with Sofia. The mix of intuitiveness, compassion, creativity and fun is wonderful. Her sessions are fun and I’ve walked away from many of them skipping with joy. She has helped me to unlock the magic within myself

Dr Saloni Surah, MBBCh, BSc, DFSRH, MRCP, Dip GUM, reiki master


Free Creative Soul Clarity Session


I came to Sofia’s free Creative Soul Clarity Session because I lacked the confidence to bring my ideas to fruition.  I basically felt stuck and lacking self worth.

My initial hesitation to work with Sofia came from not wanting to bother her. I felt like my problem was my own to work through.

Sofia was amazing.  She is so kind and simply willing to help in any way.  She helped me to get a schedule down and basically knock down every obstacle that I built for myself. She helped me to simplify.  She gave me confidence and direction.

After working with Sofia, I have began my rough draft and am moving in a positive direction.  When I feel a block, I hear Sofia say “perfection is not the beginning goal, just get something down on paper and you can work from there.”  I know that I can do it and I am doing it.

If you are hesitant about hiring Sofia, hire her anyway.  She has such a spiritual connection that she knows what you need.  Her intuition is always spot on and she thrives on helping others.  She is honest and very good at what she does.

Heather McConnell, intuitive, Las Vegas, NV

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Private 1-1 Intuitive Readings


“I had my reading with Sofia Wren today. It felt really sacred and perfect!

I had been feeling agitated and stressed off and on for the last week and was looking for relief.

The amazing thing was that out of the three cards Sofia pulled all of them spoke to different aspects of my life that had been bothering me. She opened the door ways to insights that I had not seen clearly before.

She facilitated a shift in energy and gave me practical tools to take away and integrate. Emotions that had been stuck bubbled up and were able to be cleared. After my session I felt calmer and more inspired, I felt like I had a focused path to follow.

Thank you Sofia.” ~ Kate Burkett, Beauty Coach,, CA 



“Sofia’s reading was a powerful way to reconnect with my intuitive visioning and creative voice, which have been blocked the past couple of months. Thank you Sofia for helping me to remember the gifts I have to offer the world and for showing me new ways to cultivate a healthy balance in mind, body and spirit.” ~ Kris Oster, PhD. Mythical Marketer,, San Diego, CA







“Sofia, before my two hours with you, I was unable to release past and present negative emotions, and as a result they manifested into physical illness. Working with you was a very organic process, and nothing short of transformative!

“I really loved that you didn’t just tell me where my energy blocks were and why they were there; instead, you gave me great tools that I can use on my own to keep energy blocks from reappearing and to manifest my reality. After working with you, my relationship with myself and family has changed.

I feel lighter and more confident in my ability to manifest my dreams!! It’s so hard to capture the full experience of a session with you in words; a written testimonial barely does this healing goddess justice. Sofia is amazing- her counseling and tools will transform you!” Jessica Rae, Charm City Yoga Instructor,, Baltimore, MD



My reading from Sofia was very enlightening. She helped me see what was coming my way and offered great advice on how to get to my goal in the best way for me.

She was very in tune to my energy and had no trouble connecting to me. I felt excited and safe throughout the whole reading and ready to follow her advice after!” ~ Pamela Chen, Soul Beauty Coach,, Las Vegas, Nevada

  “Sofia is a powerful force of creativity and energy. The beauty with Sofia is her nature and kind pleasant voice that instantly put you in a place of calmness. She’s very present and speaking her truth without hesitation. Sofia is a highly gifted intuitive medium who connects and provide you information and insights that will help you on your path. Get clarity, assistance, and direction that will lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life like I did because it was amazing for me!”~ Edith


bonniecopeland“Sofia’s authentic warmth creates a comfortable space. The cards she pulled for me and her intuitive hits were right on target and made me feel connected and validated that I am on the right path.” ~ (left) Bonnie Copeland, Life Purpose Coach,

“Sofia is very insightful in her readings. With very little info, she was able to connect with things that are important to me. I recommend her services, especially if you are looking for an intuitive healer.” ~Laurie Hamilton


“When I came to you I was seeking greater clarity and deeper understanding along my intuitive journey as I hone and embody my gifts. I wondered if we would connect, if I would feel safe in sharing this part of myself. I definitely did You were friendly, accepting and I felt a spark from you. You are creative, energetic and communicate well. I enjoyed hearing the reading and our further discussion. I felt you have a deep well of valuable knowledge. Now I have a next step to allow me to successfully use my gifts and have more control over how they affect me. As a bonus It gave me further encouragement to give myself what I need personally as well as this being the key to necessary balance to further hone my intuition. You can be trusted, you are accepting and comforting. You have a wealth of knowledge for supporting your clients.” ~Melinda


Live Intuitive Reading Events for Groups

Jamie          As a Lily Dale trained intuitive and spiritual counselor, I am always interested in delving deeper into psychic insights and soulful exploration.

Having met and worked with a great many psychic mediums through my years of training, it takes a lot for any one of them to stand out. Sofia Wren is one of these. I attended one of her online live readings in March 2014.

I was first struck by her sincere smile and vibrant eyes, which told me she projected as a clear channel. Her exuberance drew me into her live show and kept me hanging on every word, even when she experienced severe transmission difficulties that left her voice almost negligible.

I also gained a great respect for her as I watched her compassion for those reaching out for messages, her determination to press through the difficulties in a situation where many others would have quit, and the accurate insights she offered to those who stuck it out with her.

The single card reading she offered me appeared simple in delivery, yet pierced through an unrecognized personal quirk that had been holding me back for some time. I’ve taken her message to heart, and have seen the wisdom in it. Thank you, Sofia, for the work you do and for the gifts you share.”

~Rev. Jamie L. Saloff, “The Authors Prophet,” author of Transformational Healing; Prayer Superchargers; and 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Self-Publish Your Book.


“I joined your free live event looking for a general reading and some clarity about myself and what to do. From having watched other videos you’ve made, I could sense the purity of your intentions so I was really excited to hear what you had to say for me.

The clarity you gave me was amazing!

I kept reminding myself about what you said to stay positive, anytime I felt down I would remember a time that was happy and I would come right back up. Two weeks after the reading I manifested so many great experiences and all the change I was looking for!

To anyone that is hesitant to work with you, I highly recommend signing up for your free courses  and definitely attend at least one free live event.  Thank you for what you do, Sofia! I love your energy and you inspire me tremendously. Many blessings.” ~Jennifer Morales, Miami, FL


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Cheryl Laplante March 30, 2014 at 6:04 pm

Until I had my session with Sofia, I was procrastinating about my business due to fear of failure/fear of success. I was afraid at first to discuss how I was feeling and felt very vulnerable, but Sofia put me right at ease. Her questions made me really stop and think about the real issues. After several AHA moments during our chats, I realized that it is okay to be sensitive as it is part of who I am and to also be my authentic self.

After each session, Sofia gave me more questions to ponder until we talked again. I now feel that I have the tools needed to help me start my “healing quilt” business and know that Sofia is there to keep me on task. I don’t have to make all these changes at once, baby steps will still get me there as long as I remain open to the Universe and take steps every week.

I already had the name of my business and now, thanks to Sofia, have a clearer vision of what I want and what I need to do to give birth to my business. The time has come for me to get off the box I have been standing on and FLY!

Sofia is very intuitive and an amazing coach. She loves helping people and it comes through so naturally for her. Her vibrant personality and love of what she does, comes across and makes you feel excited about making changes in your own life. If you are feeling stuck or just want help in starting a new journey in your life, give Sofia a call…you won’t regret it!


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