by SofiaWren on January 5, 2017

screenshot-2017-01-05-11-43-29Below is the reading for the week to help you make faster progress.

You got to be strong this week.

Last week I was involved in a 4 car accident and my car was totaled. I am OK but…this week I am really needing to exercise my inner strength. So do we all.

Don’t forget you can still join us for the rest of the free Sacred Writing Challenge as a way to tune into your strength as well. If you haven’t already that is–thanks to all participating, you are really making me happy.

Below is the reading for the week to help you make faster progress, with some EXTRA insight just for you who get my emails.

This week’s message is strength

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week. (Recorded a few months ago when we had the same theme)

The appearance of this card upright at this moment in time signifies that we have reached a place of strength and we will be exploring building our strength at this time.

How we define strength can be contentious–it’s not all about being aggressive or assertive in a way that takes power away from others. It is not about having a tight grip on control.

True strength in the spiritual sense according to my sources is about finding inner harmony and listening to the guidance of a higher power or force in a way that steps around the chatter of the ego, and allows one’s individual light to truly shine through.

We all have our vices and our weak moments. Often times it is the way that we relate to our own personal doubts and dreams that makes the biggest difference. This week you will be letting go or loose in your attachment to those imperfections and instead your attention will be drawn to your strength. You will find hope available to you nearby when you reach for it even if you feel challenged.

This card encourages you to maintain your habits and spiritual disciplines, such as meditation, healthy eating or exercise. The time has come to crack down on resistance and get your habits in gear even through resistance–unless you are sure it’s time to let go of whatever you are trying to do at this time.

Sometimes it takes strength to treat yourself and celebrate, or to see your gifts and appreciate them as they truly are, or even to take self care steps that you dearly need, all because you may have been led by others to avoid this in the past. But now it is time to cultivate and celebrate your inner strength for no other reason than you feel spiritually guided and you know it is the right thing to do for your own self’s health.


Read more about how your emotions and sensitivity can be a part of your strength here


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