Spotlight: Pamela Chen, author of Introductions to Magical Creatures: Mermaids, Unicorns and Fairies

by SofiaWren on July 1, 2013


Today we interview a special friend of mine! My Magical Buddy Pamela Chen– she’s a spiritual teacher, intuitive healer and now published author. WooHOO!

Sofia: What are magical/mystical creatures?

Pam: These are the creatures that you hear in legends and stories. Creatures that no one can prove with physical evidence even though some of you may have encountered them before and know that they do exist! 

Most of these creatures have a different vibrational energy then us humans and that is why in order to connect with them we sometimes have to do it through a visualization or mediation until we are comfortable with matching our energies to theirs. 

The three creatures I love to connect with are mermaids, unicorns, and fairies. They are in the category of creatures not currently residing in our physical world, but have been in the past. 

The other category holds the creatures like big foot who still lives in our plane but is rarely seen. These magical creatures all hold different energies of the universe and we can share and tap into their energies to help us in our everyday lives by connecting with them.

Sofia: What inspired you to write?

My spirit guides kept on telling me that I needed to write a book and kept dropping physical clues to me so I decided to listen!

My mentor was just about to start her three month book writing program so I jumped on that. 

I knew instantly that I needed to share my connection with these magical creatures because I talk about them all the time. Connecting with them makes me happy and I want everyone to find that joy in their lives also. 

A lot of my clients ask me questions about this topic, so I decided to put it in writing! I have always heard the saying “Write or teach what you know.” 

I know these creatures and how to connect with their energies well, so it was the perfect topic. I always wanted to write a book because I love reading and I love books!

Sofia: What were your challenges?

Pam: First of all, I never wrote an official paper or essay in my life that I remembered! My grammar and punctuation is not the best and I have never written a book in my life! That was my biggest fear. 

My mentor then assured me that all I have to do is write and at the end get an editor, plus she will be double editing my book. 

Once I got over that, my next challenge was actually chapter one. I didn’t know how to start the book. I sat on my computer for days trying to think on how to start the book! 

My magical buddy who is interviewing me for this amazing article, Sofia Wren, is an amazing writer. She showed me how to do a visual mind map on a piece of paper. That totally worked and my writing just flowed. 

Also I was worried I wouldn’t finish the book in time, the writing program was three months, but in the middle of the program I left to Australia for two weeks! That took two weeks writing time away from my book! 

Fortunately for me my mentor got on my @$$ and pushed me to write all that I can! Boom… My book was finished!

Sofia: What made it easy?

Pam: Like I said, I was in a book writing and publishing program. I had timelines and deadlines to complete every week. 

My mentor, Leeza Robertson, who is a best selling author on Amazon knew what she was doing. So in the course she gave us proven steps to achieve the process. 

I also called upon my magical guides to help me channel parts of the book! They are so willing to help. I set time everyday or week to just sit down and write the book. 

I am really big on schedule and to do list, so I make one every week. I like the feeling of checking off a task so that motivated me to finish me book. Also my friends were there for me to help edit and give me feed back!

Sofia: What are you up to next?

Pam: I’m thinking of writing some mini books to publish on Amazon Kindle. 

I have already decided that my first book will be about Chakra Fairies. They are fairies that live in your chakras, I found them one day while I was in a chakra clearing meditation.

You can read about them in the fairy section of my current book. I will go into detail about them and share with you the knowledge on how to balance and heal your chakras through connecting with these fairies.

Chakras are important to us, they are sort of like your spiritual organs. Wouldn’t it be fun to keep yourself healthy by playing with fairies? Anyone can do it! 

My next super big project though is to finish my program. I want to share with everyone how to find joy in their lives and figure out what their life purpose is. I want to help you get unstuck in your life and learn how to feel harmony, peace, and happiness. 

This will be a 6 step program that takes you through an amazing transformative journey that turns the frustrated, unhappy you into the Divine Gorgeous You. Learn how to connect to your higher self and make the easy and right choices in your life. 

Sofia: Why you should someone buy this book?

Pam: This book is written for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It includes step by step instructions and visualizations on how to connect with these magical creatures. 

I offer you a scientific view and a spiritual view of these creatures and let you decide for yourself which you resonate with. 

By connecting with these magical creatures you can help yourself through the challenges in your life. Connect and ask your magical guides for advice! 

I have also included free downloads for my visualizations and a free webinar training as free gifts if you purchase this book! Please leave me a good review on Amazon if you love it!

Author Bio:

Pamela Chen has her Bachelors in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Science and is working on her path to a Ph.D. She is an Intuition Coach that is certified in Reiki Master Teacher (Usui, Atlantean, and Fairy), ThetaHealing Advanced, Metatronia Therapy Master. Her energy is described as magical, old wisdom, but with child like innocence. Pamela’s passion and unique skills are packed into do it yourself online programs and her first book!

Book Description
Do you have a fascination with magical creatures such as mermaids, unicorns and fairies?
Imagine if you were able to actually connect with them and discover their magical energies for yourself. In (your name) new book, Introduction to Magical Creatures: Mermaids, Unicorns, and Fairies you’ll learn how to do these exact things. 
In this highly informative and easy to read book, you will be able to further your own spiritual development along with using some amazing tools, tips and tricks to help you connect with these magical beings…and learn great things from their guidance! It’s amazing what you will discover!  
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves and “disconnect” from the best things in life, including true love, blissful joy, life fulfillment, and contentment. But in this book, you will learn how to connect with your magical guides to help you feel these things, as well as how to solve the frustrating problems in your life. 
And don’t worry, the exercises in this book take you step by step by through the magical process, making it easier then ever to experience the energy of your personal mystical guides. Not to mention you will have tons of fun along the way. 
Are you ready to meet your own magical guides? Welcome these magical creatures into your life and learn how to tap into your own intuitions and leap into a whole new exciting adventure!
Book cost: $5.99 on Kindle
PS. If you need a book coach to kick your ass and help you connect with guides, I think I might know somebody. Email sofia at sofiawren dot com

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