Special Event: Winter Solstice Sacred Writing Rereading Event

by SofiaWren on December 21, 2015

writingfreeSofiaWrenIt’s the most introverted day of the year! Horray and to celebrate I got some people together to create an On-Demand Event so we can dive in, gain energy from rereading old writing, reflect on the past and get really clear on the year ahead.

Get clear, Click here for the free event for Winter Solstice 2015

I’ve been doing these for a year now. You can hear about why I reread on the Winter Solstice from last year’s free gifts post.

So today for my winter solstice event I dove into old notebooks and journals including Leonie Dawson’s workbook and got in touch with what I wanted for myself this earlier year.

I had wanted to feel recognized and loved and wanted and valuable–and now I really do. I want to celebrate by sharing with everyone I can reach. In March I was applying for grad school, and uncertain if I would fit in because I am nondenominational, earth-based, spiritual and and a priestess who honors divine feminine AND divine masculine in the cosmos. Let’s be honest, I felt really different and scared that I was TOO different.

I was struggling to overcome old patterns of feeling alone, small, unrecognized, different because of my intuitive and creative gifts and background. I had a lot of baggage pulling down and keeping me a little uncertain of myself and my path.

There have been SO many things that helped me but I just wanted to say that I wrote it down. I wrote down and shared with others how I felt and what I wanted. There is so much magic in writing things down, requesting help and sharing in safe space. That’s part of why I do events like this. 

I now take it for granted that I am not alone and I am recognized for my unique gifts. All I have to do now is open up my mouth and sing or check the feedback on my daily readings on facebook and instagram, or talk to any of my clients and they totally reflect respect and admiration back all the time. I’ve surrounded myself with constant check ins with my friends, coaches, readers, fans, and entrepreneurial family.

I have moved on from where I was this spring, and I am celebrating that really really hard. I feel so much freer.

Just as I celebrate and review the past, I find clarity on where I am going. 

What I am working on now is getting other people out of my head. As a life long student I really do listen but sometimes it’s just not right for me and I can get caught in worrying about advice or strategy from other people, or what will they thing, or I’m behind, or I’m a fraud etc. It bugs me when people don’t like me or don’t trust me or are critical or just have a weird vibe, but that’s going to happen so I need to move on and do me. I’ve come a long way, but I must break through even more for my final evolution of my book From Doormat to Dominance and Beyond.

I just need to follow my intuition and forgive myself for not listening, for putting proverbial hands over my ears and going lalalalalala. I am not listening. I am me and my intuition fuckin rocks.

I’m excited to get some people writing in 2016 for the next Sacred Writing Challenge on Jan 16, 2016.

If you have any interested in being supported in your personal business or writing project, contact me and ask to chat. Through my events and 1-1 coaching, I can help you hear your inner voice more loudly, like I have learned to, so you can create beautiful things in your life, writing or business and let people see you.

Perhaps by March, I will have moved beyond these challenges that I am working on now and I will be able to report that they are all wrapped up too.

Happy Solstice

Sofia Wren

PS Enjoy your solstice and gain clarity in a feel good way with the Sacred Writing Solstice event (it’s free and you can receive it anytime)

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