Special Event: Get Your Intuitive Answers For Fall! Special

by SofiaWren on October 16, 2015

Dear Reader,

Can I be really honest with you?

Yesterday I had a grand ol time reading Tarot cards rapidly for as many people as I could on facebook but I just couldn’t reach everybody.


Here are some things people said:

 Thank you! OH & very spot on for me right now 

That’s it in a nut shell!! Thank you so much Sofia!


It’s quite the challenge for me actually, because as I am reading

more and more people commented on my page as I went,

and as people left comments like that to tell me my readings were  “Spot-on”

(which I totally love by the way, keep it coming!)

and then even more people commented! You can see the thread here


I am glad so many people found that clarity and confirmation.

But you know, I don’t like leaving anyone in the lurch, especially not someone like you, who connects to me online.


Because I really love being of service and I don’t want anyone to feel left

 I’m doing something special this weekend. 


It’s a Fall Tarot Special!

Details below


Dear Reader, I’m willing to give you another chance to get a reading for yourself from me

so that you can find guidance and a way forward in your life.


Because I am dedicated to deep service I no longer regularly offer Tarot readings 

to the general public. I want to focus on my really committed clients who are ready to really go places together, to go even deeper with their mission and be supported with all of my skills.


But you are my friend! Here you are on my blog,

so I’ve decided to open up a few spots for you,

to receive email Tarot readings from me at a low price, 

just for this weekend as a Fall Tarot Special 😀


Details~What you will get:

  • 2 Email Deliveries of Your Personal Messages (7 days apart)
  • 2 Card Photo to illustrate your message attached to each
  • 1 Follow Up Email to see how it was

This package is very similar to my OLD Personal Message Service so loved from July

so check out the details there on my policies,

but this time My Personal Messages will be a DEEPER service, 

because it includes a follow up question and card a week later.

Then you’ll really be sure you know what to do next in your life, creativity or business.


Here’s what all different women said about their Personal Message yesterday:

  • Thanks! so perfect for what I’m going through right now!
  • Thank you very much! I pulled a few cards before bed last night and got the same message. I guess I have to start trusting the messages I get for myself too
  • Wow! You’re dead on!!! What’s your paypal link? I’d like to send a donation.
  • thank you Sofia! yes, i agree….i feel unbalanced …trying to do all things at once and well, it is exhausting! thank you dear! 
  • What a beautiful card and write-up. Thank you so much
  •  It’s perfect.
  • The timing of your message was perfect and I thank you for your time and energy. 
  • Yes! I’d say this is one of my major life lessons.
  • much love for that message Sofia  (and spot on)
  • beautiful! thank you so much
  •  I will enjoy the ride grateful for the reading love&light

    Price $ 40 Click here to reserve yours by Sunday October 18th


And Can I ask a favor?

Please do not ask me for a free reading or an alteration to this service, 

some people have and it’s really awkward for me.

I am unable to give anymore personal free readings due to my busy schedule

and I do have a life with bills and I need to hold healthy boundaries.

It shouldn’t really be expected, just because I post readings free to the whole world M-F

You must understand that as a grad student studying

Masters of Arts in Spiritual and Pastoral Care,

revising my novel, serving my clients…

and due to my experience reading cards for over 15 years, with high accuracy

in addition to my many other blessings and skills I’m grateful to have received,

my time is too valueable to give away. (except on rare occasions)


The truth is this is a really valuable service. No matter who we are,

sometimes we need a fresh perspective on things.

I love it myself, receiving and giving Tarot readings really helps me.

As I grew pickier and more particular about my helpers,

I honed my skills to be the best possible,

setting high standards for ethics, accuracy and usefulness,

and dedicating my life to Source, Reason, God, Goddess, the Universe.

It’s just one of my skills but I take it really seriously.


If you know me, you know I’m dedicated to deep service.

As DEEP as I can go, impacting the world,

which is why behind the scenes I have been working

tirelessly for months supporting women writers and entrepreneurs get out there

in a big way with my personal 1-1 Creative Confidence and Visibility Program

so they can share their light, gifts, talents and value with a bigger audience globally.

{If that draws you, contact me and I’ll tell you more}

I hope this offer will please those of you disappointed by the short time window for free readings,
and serve those who need answers, guidance and a little fun 🙂
It’s a win-win for me, too, because I love being of service, and I can answer on the go.
Note there is a 30 day money back guarantee


Hope to see you sign up

Here’s that link again



Sofia Wren


PS I’ll be telling you more about my Creative Confidence and Visibility Program soon, as well as more free training goodies,

but for this weekend only if you’d like a Tarot Message from me, click here to reserve yours.

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