Special Event: Eclipse and Art Interviews

by SofiaWren on March 18, 2016

SofiaWren2013 (41 of 41)Are you feeling the intensity of the eclipse?

Emotions? Worries? Other shifts happening and putting the pressure on?

Then you’ll want to see the replay of my interview

with Melissa Opie on how to make faster progress

with the power of intention.


In this interview we have a lot of fun

and I share my tools that helped me to move out of being on an emotional rollercoaster

and into a really have a positive shift with

the last eclipse a few weeks ago.


I’ve discovered some amazing tools!

Like how to connect to the SOUL of the eclipse,

and make it a huge positive shift.

And I’ll be sharing them with you here for free.


AND Another thing– If you are really feeling it from the eclipse

and want to feel what you WANT to feel,

Then you might want to check out our upcoming interactive workshop:

Manifesting Miracles with the Moon

and learning how to navigate the motional roller coaster ride


In other news we had a terrific session of the Cycle

an interview with artist and healer Tanya

Hear all about her amazing inspiration,

and enjoy her healing photographs

You can even get one of your own!


She’ll tell you more and it’s sure to inspire you

and make you feel good this weekend.

I hope you enjoy positive changes as we have an Equinox and Eclipse in the next few days!


Sofia Wren


PS here’s the weekend entertainment:

1. Here’s that link to the new class to help you to get through the eclipse,

(Avoid getting bogged down in the intensity and focus on what you’re creating)


2. Here is a free interview on the topic of the eclipse and Intention:

Making Faster Progress for Writers and Entrepreneurs.


3. And you can get some inspiration for your art from this interview with Tanya here.

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by Sofia Wren

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