Special Event: Doors Open to Monthly Intuitive Membership Program!

by SofiaWren on November 25, 2015


Are you already starting to wonder about next year?

I’m excited to announce the official opening of the doors for a new Membership program, which will allow you to receive high value Tarot readings and energetic support every month.

Know what to do each month because you’ve received a personal tarot reading
Say yes to what is a priority for you since you’re THAT clear
Attract opportunities that are a good fit for who you are


Here’s how it works:

Every month you get a 1 card individualized Tarot reading from me on a 10 to 15 minute audio file which I will email to you for 6 months. This personal audio also includes an alignment just for you to help move you through challenges and to utilize the information in the reading.

Feel clear on what to do next and feel empowered to take the next steps easily. You can download the file and listen again as you please. You will also receive one image from your Tarot card with each email reading.

Then, you will have access a monthly group call near the Full Moon every month, where you will all receive a general reading to know what to expect for that month. You will be able to ask questions and the group will also receive a themed alignment to help you to be successful and happy. If you can’t call in live, you can email your inquiries and receive the recording.

Why am I doing this?

I love reading Tarot cards and it’s one of my most popular services. In the past I was only able to offer readings at similar prices a few times a year. However over the last month or two I’ve had some clients receive these audio readings and rave about how amazing they have been. One asked, “Can I have one of these every month?” It’s been a joy to send them off and I love knowing we can continue the conversation, the clarity and the healing process in the next private recording.

I love having a little treat to myself that arrives every month and I think you’ll find this not only a great gift for yourself, but also really empowering and helpful in your planning process through the next 6 months. Everyone has questions they don’t know the answer to and some will come along the way, so let’s get started figuring this stuff out!

How many:
This round the membership will be capped at 20 people. Once these spots are filled the doors will close.

How much:
$50 a month charged automatically for 6 months.
If the price increases in the future, I promise that you will keep your rate of $50 until at least May 1, 2015.

Sign up here

What happens next?
After you sign up I will send you a welcome email giving you access to the first Full Moon recording. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of your private reading in case many people sign up.

More information about Tarot readings with me

Video- Why and How I Serve Women with Intuitive Readings
Written-FAQS from a previous Tarot offer (private video is no longer available)

Sofia, I got so excited when I saw the email you sent me with my recording.

When you were speaking I started getting goosebumps. I wanted to relisten to the audio right away! It was the highlight of my week.

Before I heard the recording I was feeling pretty good, but afterwards I felt so happy! I’ve had readings from you before and at the time I told you it was the best Tarot reading I had ever gotten–some of the things you’ve said in the past really came true this year– but I think this recording was even better.

I’ve listened to it again and again many times and it makes me so happy to hear it. After four times I still had goosebumps when I heard your voice. Your words really touched a part of my spirit. There’s something different now about the recording, sometimes you paused and I don’t know how to describe it, it was like waves were carrying me away. Something about it really touched me, I loved it and I want one of these every month! Can you just email me a personal reading every month?
-Tu Vu, Philadelphia, PA

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