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by SofiaWren on July 15, 2016


Are you wondering what is in store for you for the rest of the year?

I’m excited to announce the official re-opening of the doors for my transformational Membership program, which will allow you to receive support to get clear on your next steps and make faster progress towards your goals every month.

~Know what to do each month because you’ve received a personal tarot reading
~Say yes to what is a priority for you since you’re THAT clear
~Attract opportunities that are a good fit for who you are



Dearest Sofia:

Before your monthly readings I had a lot of feelings of disconnection and lacked clarity as I processed grief. Your readings seem to intuitively respond to what I am processing emotionally. They bring me a sense of internal order and peace.

~Tanya Levy, Canadafacebook.com/heartladyinspiration

Here’s how it works:

Sofia-1061Every month you get personal coaching audio file from me by email. This includes a 1 card individualized Tarot reading from me on a 15 minute audio file which I will email to you over 6 months. This personal audio also includes energy work tailored just for you and your situation. This recording allows me to use my gifts to help you move you through challenges coming up. The energy work will help to calm emotions that are getting in the way so you can use the information in the reading to make faster progress, reaching your goals and feeling the way you want to feel.

Feel clear on what to do next and feel empowered to take the next steps easily. You can download the file and listen again as you please. You will also receive one image from your Tarot card with each email reading.

Then, you will have access to a 45 minute bonus monthly recording created at the Full Moon every month, where you will all receive a general reading to know what to expect for that month. Based on the challenges that I predict for the month ahead (for example Mercury Retrograde), I then will give the group a special energy healing to help you to be successful, calm and balanced through the month so you can continue to make faster progress.

BONUS: Free Access to the Fall Sacred Writing Circle. (Learn how to always know what to do next because you can hear your intuition and TRUST it through a supportive writing community. More on what it’s like here)

Why am I doing this?

Sofia-1072I love being of service and this allows me to help others to create a bigger transformation over a longer period of time, in a way that fits many people’s budgets. With my busy schedule I can only handle so many clients, but those who sign up for this membership first will be able to access my help to reach their goals  faster.

My followers on social media (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc) seem to love the Tarot card readings and healings that I post multiple times a week. This transformational membership is an option if you’d like to receive a reading and healing of your own each month. What a treat!

It’s my mission to serve as many people as deeply as possible with my gift, and this program allows me to help you regularly even as I go to graduate school and my schedule changes. (I am studying an M.A. in Spiritual Direction, learning how to help people even more deeply to process difficult emotions such as grief, and to make decisions that serve your soul’s truth.)

Since I created this membership, those who have signed up don’t seem to want to leave! So I know I am onto something.

Also I’ve been surprised how the monthly group recording helps ME with the ups and downs. Being sensitive I am very affected by things happening in the universe like Mercury Retrograde or other intense times, and I have LOVED how the monthly recordings help shift my feelings, help me navigate through the month so I can stay on track and feel good. I listen to the recordings all the time!

Sofia, I got so excited when I saw the email you sent me with my recording.
When you were speaking I started getting goosebumps. I wanted to relisten to the audio right away! It was the highlight of my week.

Before I heard the recording I was feeling pretty good, but afterwards I felt so happy! I’ve had readings from you before and at the time I told you it was the best Tarot reading I had ever gotten–some of the things you’ve said in the past really came true this year– but I think this recording was even better.

I’ve listened to it again and again many times and it makes me so happy to hear it. After four times I still had goosebumps when I heard your voice. Your words really touched a part of my spirit. There’s something different now about the recording, sometimes you paused and I don’t know how to describe it, it was like waves were carrying me away. Something about it really touched me, I loved it and I want one of these every month!
-Tu Vu, Philadelphia, PA


How much:
$55 a month charged automatically for 6 months.

In 2016 the membership will be capped at 10 people. Once these spots are filled the doors will close.

(Note that once you sign up, I guarantee your price will stay the same for 6 months, but the price for new members to sign up may go up at any time.)


Sign up here


What happens next?
After you sign up I will send you a welcome email giving you access to your first general group Tarot and energy work recording. I will also ask if you have any particular question or focus for your private reading. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of your private reading so it can be of the best quality.


Get More information about Tarot readings with me

Video- Why and How I Serve Women with Intuitive Readings

Contact me by email with you questions or request a free 15 minute discussion to see if this is a fit for you.


More on My credentials

Sofia-1016I have been giving Tarot readings for over 18 years, and have specialized in serving writers and entrepreneurs as a transformational coach for the last 4 years. I hold multiple certifications including as a Law of Attraction Coach (QSCA), as an Ethical Intuitive Consultant (FloraSage Therapies), as a Six Sensory (Sonia Choquette),  as a Professional Akashic Records Reader for Life and Business (Akashic Records Institute) and a License in Massage Therapy. I’ve studied and worked under numerous mentors in the arts of intuition and healing over the last five years.

Currently I am studying for a Masters of Arts at Loyola Baltimore in Spiritual and Pastoral Care with a concentration in Spiritual Direction. I’ve been tested accurate by a third party several times and judged as spot on in my intuition. My specialities include deep emotional healing, the creative process and using your voice authentically.

Don’t ask:

Please note I tend to avoid questions of a medical nature ( I am not a doctor who can give a diagnosis). If you ask if you should break up with someone, I can help you connect to your heart and trust your true feelings about the situation but I don’t think it’s ethical to make the decision for you.


Ready to know what to do next because you have a private Tarot reading each month?

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