Special Event: Creator Interview and Easter Special

by SofiaWren on March 25, 2016

 Boy have I had a good week and I want to give you          something!

 It is nestled in this blog post like a golden Easter egg.


 First off you will be seeing some changes with my image,

because I had an amazing photo shoot this week!



Remember all those positive changes I have been going through?


Well nothing tops them off like a damn good photo:

Photo by Judy Carton


Ow! Alright just what I was looking for.


Anyway big thanks goes to Sarah Michael

for helping me get comfortable being MORE VISIBLE

I know a lot of you writers, artists and entrepreneurs,

could really use this to make a biggere difference on the planet.

So check out our interview this weekend:



Sarah and I discuss her creative process 

in creating the Project: You experience,

which is a free way to get comfortable being more YOU

for all the world to see.


And now for the Easter Egg Surprise


So this is something that surprised ME,

because I NEVER do stuff like this.

I really value my work and I have never offerred

a recording like this for less than $50.00.

I really honor the clients who have paid this much,

just to get these recordings each month

through my Membership plan.


But things are changing and I am trying something new.

This recording is possible MY BEST WORK EVER.

Do you want to make faster progress?

Want to always know what to do next?


This special will help you get clear and focused,

so you can ground and manifest your ideas into reality.

It will free you from constraints from other people, 
so you can be FREE to make faster progress
in a way that really fits you.

You will be a much more powerful manifestor after listening to this!


So what happens?

Every month I feel called to do a healing on a particular theme,

This month is GROWTH.

I open up the Akashic Records (more on that here)

and I do a Tarot reading for the month to find out what we can expect.

This month I recorded this on the ECLIPSE,

and you know how POWERFUL that is.

Once I do the Tarot reading then I know

exactly where to do the healing.

The records guide me and bring in exactly the energy

that we are all needing to balance out and feel GROWTH.


This month we are working on letting go of constraints

and being more powerful so we can grow.


I know this is rather esotric which is why I haven’t talked about it that much!

But if you are wiling to give this a try–

the shift from this month’s recording is INCREDIBLE.

I thought I was on fire before when I got those photos done,


That was the tip of the iceburg.


If you want to feel on fire, create your desires,

get out there and really GROW this month,

navigating through all the challenges easily,

then check out this recording,

because it’s available for 75% off—

just because I feel called to share,

I’m feeling awesome and I want everyone to feel this awesome

all month long, especially since I’ll be traveling and unable to really promote it

the way it deserves, because THIS IS A KEEPER.


You are going to love it,

to order it and receive this 45 minute recording automatically,

go here: http://bit.ly/1XSpf3q


Have a great Easter Weekend!


Sofia Wren

PS You gotta check out this recording, it is changing my life. xoxox

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