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by SofiaWren on May 18, 2015

SofiaWrenLiveLifeChangingAs the #SacredWritingChallenge winds to a conclusion I feel called with a mighty tug to put on a free goodbye class.

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It’s always sad to see things come to an end and this round of the challenge is more difficult than ever.

We are however, moving into Mercury Retrograde which is a time of re-flecting and RE- doing things. So it’s fitting to end the day before it begins (no I really didn’t plan this intentionally!).

Exiting this challenge, I’ll be spending the next few weeks dedicated to taking some time off, developing older ideas and revising my novel From Doormat to Dominatrix: it’s All About Freedom for summer publication.

The unique experience of Mercury Retrograde and it’s challenges for communication kind of remind me of life, though. With all the interference of life–the hustle bustle, to do list items, and frequent interruptions by the people and forces around us, how do we stay ON TRACK?

How do we even really know who we are? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, especially at the low points, when we really need to know the most.

I would know. I’m not perfect. I’ve been going through a lot of clearing, intentionally bringing forward a number of unresolved emotions and blocks from my past so I can release my book to the world. It’s been rough and tough at points but I’m glad for it all.

There are days I free wrote 3 pages but didn’t answer my own challenge. But as I’ve been going through this challenge, I’ve been growing and stretching in incredible ways. Each question I wrote out brought me extraordinary movement forward.

One of my Sofia Secrets is that these prompts aren’t just words. They are vibrationally selected to be of highest service to you, and I access them during a special state of meditation. There is something that arising in answering them that leads one down a unique line of thinking. It’s powerful.

Here are what some others said about the Sacred Writing Challenge:

Jodee- “This writing challenge is very thought provoking and definitely makes you look inside rather then relying on the outside to dictate how you live your life. It’s a great way to really stop and look after number one so you are able to look after the masses.”

Julie made a video about the challenge.  and has been blogging throughout.

And one lovely lady was even updating with photos from her hospital bed! I was mighty impressed.

I have many other tricks up my sleeve. In fact I am planning to reveal a huge list of my skills so that those interested in working with me can get a sense of the true Treasure Chest I have to offer.

There is still time to win a free session with me by entering the contest (even as the challenge prompts end, there is still time to pick one up or redo and take a photo for an entry)

But don’t forget to sign up for the class: It’ll be life changing….Until then, blessings


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