Special Event: 21 Days of Sacred #Writing Prompts for #Writers and Creators

by SofiaWren on January 9, 2016

SacredWritingChallenge2.21SofiaWrenToday I am announcing the start of the next Sacred Writing Challenge will be Saturday January 16, 2016.


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Since I’ve become a professional intuitive consultant, people ask me all the time how they can become more intuitive, always know what to do next and make everything easier and clearer in their own lives.


The absolute first tool I ever used to improve my intuition is writing!


It’s a great question. I know writing helped me speak up more, take better care of myself and focus on what’s important in my life and business.


I believe everyone is intuitive at some level already. I always try to give my clients tools they can use when I am not around because that is true empowerment, and writing is the best suggestion I can give.


It a simple and inexpensive thing to do. For $5 you can get a bag of pens and a cute notebook.

Even if you write as much as me, which is about 5-6 pages a day now, that could last you a month or more.


Since summer of 2009 when I read The Artist’s Way, I’ve been faithfully writing 3 pages a day and beyond.


The idea may seem daunting, so to get you started with daily writing, and alllll of it’s many benefits I am holding 21 day Sacred Writing Challenge beginning on January 16th.


Each day I will post a prompt or question for you to answer in your own words on paper and post an update or excerpt of your work.


Here are some words from people who went through the challenge last year 🙂

Words from Writers




By writing consistently every day, you will:


  • Easily figure out what you need to do because you let your intuition guide you.
  • Make real progress on your writing, so your work is out in the world and helping people.
  • Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worrying about what other people think.



I’ve also set up a group to support you as a place to share, ask questions, and connect as you go through this journey.


There’s more instructions here if you want to join me!



Sofia Wren

PS I hope you join the challenge!!! Get started here.

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