Special Event: 8 Days of Sacred #Writing Prompts for #Writers and Creators

by SofiaWren on August 16, 2016

SacredWritingChallenge2.21SofiaWrenJoin me and a group of loving writers for this FREE challenge:

+ Release guilt so you can achieve what you really want to do.

+ Easily figure out what you need to do because you let your intuition guide you.

+ Make real progress on your writing and creations, so you and your work is out there in the world helping people.

+ Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worry about what other people think.

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The next Sacred Writing Challenge begins Saturday August 20, 2016. It’s a MINI Challenge running just 8 days.

Since I’ve become a spiritual guide for other writers and entrepreneurs with a message, people ask me all the time how they can become more intuitive, i.e. always know what to do next to make everything easier and clearer in their own lives.

Writing is the absolute first tool I ever used to improve my intuition! It changed my life, so it has a special place in my heart.

Asking how to improve your own intuition (sense of knowing what to do next) is a great question that will prove to pay off in many ways through your life. Writing helps me connect to my Higher Self–the place inside of me where my greatest wisdom resides.

I know writing has helped me to come out of hiding, speak up more, know what to do in my career as well as my life. Now that I write daily I feel more in touch with what is really important so I can take better care of everything.

I strongly believe that everyone, including you, is already intuitive at some level. You just need to keep tuning in and learn how to trust it. Helping people learn how to do this is my passion, because knowing yourself that well is true empowerment. Writing is the best way to get you starting doing just that.

And Writing is such a simple and inexpensive thing to do.

For $5 you can get a bag of pens and a cute notebook.

Even if you write as much as me, which is about 5-6 pages a day now, that could last you a month or more. Since summer of 2009 when I read The Artist’s Way, I’ve been faithfully writing 3 pages a day and beyond.

The idea of daily writing may seem daunting, so to get you started with daily writing, and all of it’s many benefits I am holding 8 day Sacred Writing Challenge beginning on August 20th through 27th. 

This round we will also be focusing on the process of releasing guilt around what you are really wanting.

That way it will be even easier to allow and trust yourself to go after your dreams.


How it works:

Each day you get a new prompt or question for you to answer in your own words on paper. If you really can’t get into writing, feel free to dance it, walk it, make art around it, or simply muse on it.

Then come to our private facebook group and post an update about how the process was for you that day. You can even share an excerpt of your work. It is a safe space.

Every time you post in the group you win points towards prizes. When you share with people on your public profile, you can win a prize, too!

You will also get a supportive and loving community around you to witness the process of writing and listening to your inner most wisdom. We always congratulate you for writing anything, it’s not about judging whether it is bad or good, or whether you are good enough as a writer.

The questions that you will receive are always amazing and sacred, created in sacred space to help you to create sacred writing. They are sure to bring you deep healing and a sense of peace as you connect to what to do next. You will find answers and healing on the page.

Here are some words from people who went through the challenge in previous rounds of the SWC:


Words from Writers

Copy of Words from WritersBy writing consistently every day, you will:


  • Release guilt so you can achieve what you really want to do.
  • Easily figure out what you need to do next because you let your intuition guide you.
  • Make faster progress so you can get out there and help more people by being yourself.
  • Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worrying about what other people think.



Get the instructions here and join our FREE sacred writing challenge group if you’d like to join us to make faster progress and always know what to do next.


Sofia Wren

PS I hope you join the challenge!!! Get started here.

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