Emotional Healing


Do you want to make faster progress?

Want to always know what to do next?

What if your intuition were THAT clear?


Sofia has been doing healing work since her Americorps tour in 2009-10. Emotional and morale considerations affect how we learn and process information. In order for you to make faster progress on your book or business goals, you need to access brilliant thinking and reduce the impact of overwhelm, stress or overthinking on your emotional system.


Sofia is an expert in helping you to be more creative and know what to do next. She can connect you to your higher intelligence so you can solve problems and challenges that come up every day in your work. Always know what to do next and experience less burnout, stress and overwhelm with her help.


Interested? Contact Sofia Wren for a free Creative Soul session to discuss your goals and challenges with Sofia. Let her know that you are interested in emotional healing and she will make a recommendation for you to make faster progress towards your goals. 

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by Sofia Wren

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