Seeds of Fire and Passion

by SofiaWren on December 1, 2016

screenshot-2016-11-29-17-25-34It’s another beautiful week to connect more deeply to who we really are and share our gifts with the world. I love sharing the “cosmic weather” as I feel tuned into it. They seem to be resonating with those of you on facebook and instagram this week! Thank you. Hope it helps you out so you can do more of what you are here to do.

This week we are connecting to some deeper fire and passions. The theme of the week, inspired by the Ace of Wands, is what I am now calling Seeds of Fire and Passion.

Just in time for the New Moon in Sagittarius! Happy New Moon

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week.

This week, a new emerging creative power is coming forward, through our feelings, our passion, our actions and deeds.

Trust yourself and your ideas! This week drops of divine inspiration are making their way towards you, like brilliant drops of water sliding down lines of spidersilk.

You must trust yourself, and continue to breathe deeply and make space to receive these gems of insight. Take time for space to receive and take care of yourself. This will help you know the difference between the chatter of your ego mind, and the true direction of your highest and wisest self.

Listen and prepare because soon you will have the strength, power and clarity to roar like a lion, and spread your gifts, message and perspective with the world. You are here to make a difference. Things are changing. But give yourself the right to enjoy the process. Take breaks and savor the good things.

This card bodes well for creators and innovators.


You may also wish to review the messages for the last several weeks. They are on my site here.

Lately I am finding these themes are repeating over a long period of time...also this week we start the Pre Shadow of Mercury Retrograde. I will likely be talking more about what that means in future weeks. Basically–these themes are here to stay for a while, and we will likely be recycling them.

But this is a great week to go easy on yourself because you can’t get it all done right now.In fact you have a long time to wrap up what you are working on, but the most important thing right now is to get clear on what is important and what needs to happen FIRST.


Give me a shout if you need any help with this–I frequently work with overwhelmed writers and entrepreneurs to help them to know what to do next. We do this in both a strategic way and an intuitive way so it makes practical sense but also feels really good. Happy to tell you more, shoot me an email.


PS This week is the last chance to receive my Core Purpose Healing if you feel stuck or lost when it comes to knowing what you are really here to do right now.

Because this is such a volatile time and so many people seem to be upset, I’m going to offer that Core Purpose healing recording for sale at $20.

The focus is stepping into your Core Purpose and merging with your inner High Priestess. She is the part of you that knows exactly what to do next. She is your intuition. We need her now more than ever.

You receive a 45 minute intuitive and healing session, prerecorded for a group. Get it right away.

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