Process: Celebrating Yourself

by SofiaWren on July 18, 2013

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“Take some time to celebrate yourself!”

In the hustle and bustle of our ever growing todo list, stopping to appreciate ourselves may be the last thing any of us think to do.

Recently my marketing coach, the mermaid Kris Oster, told me to take a breather to celebrate myself before composing the sales page for my new Align Your Inner Compass Day. 

I pondered how far I had come since we first spoke in January and the various leaps I had made. 

Since then I’ve found my talents, my essence, and the passion that keeps me chasing the dividing line between fear and fun.

Many many times I have told my clients that they need to honor themselves. “Give yourself more credit, carve out more ‘me’ time, be grateful for your efforts, and consider that you have everything you need within you to accomplish your goals.”

But I admit— I need my own person to remind me to do the same things sometimes.

I celebrated myself by snacking, reading a chapter of The Time In Between, and flopping on my bed to snuggle my cat, which resulted in the best party ever: a spontaneous afternoon nap. Ahh.

This celebration was of the unplanned sort, but it turned out pretty well. 

What kind of things could you do to celebrate yourself?

I don’t know what this is…but it looks like a party.

You work pretty hard you know, to take care of yourself and others in your life. 

This includes making sure you are alert enough to drive in the lines, preparing food, cleaning up, looking decent —and I haven’t even started on the long list of things you probably do every day. 

And how many times do you stop to say, “Thanks, me 🙂 ” 

I’m going to announce right now that you deserve some celebration and I’m going to write two more posts to make sure you really get it.

I invite you to share in the comments below : 

what is your favorite way to celebrate yourself?

If you took an hour or two to honor everything you do, how would that look?


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Sofia Wren is a courageous writer, intuitive counselor, and compassionate soul waiting for you to decide that your dreams are worth the leap. She offers creative problem solving, messages from the other side and practical no-nonsense coaching for big hearted softies who want to make the world a better place.

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