Missed a Day on Your Habits or Missed a Deadline? How to Get Back on Track

by SofiaWren on October 24, 2017

Want to make faster progress on your goals? Trying to set a daily goal and make it a habit you do every day. (That’s what I recommend for writers so that you are always primed and ready to go when you need to make progress.)

But when we set goals it is easy to get discouraged or bummed out about missing a day–because we are tired or played hookey or whatever reason. The truth is it happens. Or maybe you owe someone an assignment, a job task, etc. and you start to feel guilty or upset that things are running late. What do you do?

You might know it is a good idea to move on and focus on what you can do today, but what if you are still holding on to those negative feelings from being off track.

Watch the video below: I guide you through a powerful process to let go of the past and get motivated to make faster progress right now.

PS Contact me if you’d like to chat about how I can help you make faster progress on your business or writing goals.

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by Sofia Wren

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