May: Inspiration & Opening Doors

by SofiaWren on May 11, 2017

Once again it’s a rainy day as I write to you about my feelings about the month ahead so you can tune into something to create faster progress on the life, business and creative projects you want to create.

It’s been a wild ride. April has been very intense for me, as I faced writing deadline after deadline, both at the end of my semester for grad school (I’m getting an M.A. from Loyola in spiritual counseling), and in my business as I’ve been writing everything for a huge marketing launch through a new partner. It’s been exciting but I’m ready for a little space.

May feels like a different kind of month than we’ve had all year. I’m not saying it’s all peace, butterflies and rainbows but it feels like a gift from the gods, or divine, or whatever you call it. As you may have gathered, I’m open to however you want to language inspiration (or don’t want to language it), but I do know for sure that it is there.

This month, doors are opening to new insights, read below for my thoughts, and please feel to leave a comment or contact me with your thoughts.

Below is the video reading for May, followed by a write up to help you make faster progress and hear your intuition clearly so you always know what to do next.

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{The card pictured above is from the Wizard’s Tarot}

This spiritual message of this month is based on the card Page of Swords. Take a moment to be open to any positive shifts that may occur as you read this sacred writing and remember to breathe.

Breath new life into your mission. Take a step forward in a light and new way. A sense of ease is streaming through, follow it’s pull to meet what is next. Side step challenges more easily now.

Change is upon us, new freedoms of voice and guided ideas are coming to you. It is easier for you to focus and communicate, and will continue to be so in the future. Share your heart, passion and mind with others! Oddly a new feeling of desire for better things is strengthening your core resolve to push aside unruly thoughts and fears, as easily as walking around them.

You may receive new ideas and inspirations from an unexpected direction. Trust yourself enough to follow the next steps which appear to you. Something has opened a door for you and the timing is right for you to pursue new directions and avenues on your quest.

Focus and clarity are the most important currency this month. Something may become very clear to you which will begin new lines of thought and action perhaps in areas that have previously been blocked. Sometimes we have to re-do things or start over. Mostly this card indicates a sense of fresh new energy sweeping through. Make the most of it, be ambitious. To do that you may need to take strategic actions on a recurring, consistent basis and at least part of this will make you feel like a beginner.

Trust your inner wisdom. Make sure you can pull away from others to focus on what truly matters.

Have a great month! May you make beautiful progress on your projects and always be inspired xo


Sofia Wren

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