March: Building on What You Know to Reach the Finish Line

by SofiaWren on March 9, 2017

9ofwands Phew! As always lots of intense stuff going on. There is something particularly epic about this month, “make it or break it” comes to mind. Woe betide anyone who lets March pass without facing a few must-need-to-overcome challenges.

It’s important to stay in your integrity and take practical, down to earth steps. When you finally unshackle yourself you will feel freer and lighter. Focus on what you can achieve now with whatever resources you have.

Remember it is not what you have been given that counts, it is what you choose to do with it.

Let’s review the past together to reconnect to our strength and build on what we know.

{This card pictured on this page is from the Wizard’s Tarot- Corinne Kenner}

As you may have heard, I am sharing spiritual messages at a slower pace than I used to. I have decided that this message based on the card 9 of Wands will be the sole message of the month for March. However stay tuned as I may be sharing other resources, or tools that are in line with this message

Below is the reading for March to help you make faster progress.

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This spiritual message is based on the card 9 of Wands

You have come very far– to the last leg of a journey. Although it may not seem that you are close to what you want to achieve, you have indeed come very far. Lately an energy is propelling you forward to achieve a sort of mission, project or goal, however, the final leg of this journey must be undertaken with the right energy. The best way to make solid progress at this time involves a looking back and reconnection.

What do you need to be reconnected to in order to build your strength and make progress? Take a look at your past– the past week, month, year, 10 years, your whole life, multiple lifetimes (if you believe in past lives). What is the common thread? What is this all leading up to? What have you learned about yourself, your capabilities, your values and what is really important to you?

These are big questions and you will have some time to consider them. Try making lists of your accomplishments, your biggest struggles along various timelines. Make a picture to describe the hurdles and turns of your journey. If this were a long story, how would you want it to end considering how much you have been through? What should come next considering everything you’ve grappled with before? You can’t know unless you take the time to review. Even if you feel like racing ahead, this sort of reviewing (done multiple times, even) will really pay off right now.

Reviewing and reflecting on the past will give you a deeper appreciation for your own strength. It will also remind you of why you value what you value. Perhaps over this time you have changed your values, perhaps you have learned what what you used to think was important to pursue, was in fact trivial. Maybe reviewing the past and what you have been through will help you reconnect to something important — it may remind you of what the true beacons of hope and aspiration are in your life now.

Here is a peak of the Extra insights only for email subscribers:

Although this year is an opportunity to do something new, with 2+0+1+7 creating a ‘1’ year, you may be surprised to feel that at the same time there is a sense of commonality and completion coming into your life, based on what you’ve already been moving towards your entire life. Think of it like the time before a final match to be a sport champion. It is time to review the past games, where you failed, where you were triumphant, and take everything you have learned to face the present moment with full awareness of who you are and what you stand for. Then you will be at your very best to pursue that ultimate victory.

Standing for something is very important, because not only can you tap into your own strength honed over many years, but you can pull from something bigger than you. Ideals such as beauty, love, honor, justice, truth, treating yourself with kindness as one of the universe’s divine children–what ever is important to you as a result of your personal journey–that will be a guiding light for you to hold onto and defend with all your might in this next chapter.

Things may have a feeling of “finality” to them at this time. There will probably not be a true permanent end, as life does go on, but you may be able to harness this “epic ending” quality in life right now to push for finally toppling a challenge you have longed faced, or achieve a goal you have worked towards for some time now. Make sure to come from a place of virtue, connected to your values that you have long fought to uphold or learned to appreciate through a long struggle. Come from this well established core in you, and each step forward will build towards a strong win.

Take heart that you are ninety percent there. Give yourself peace of mind and support in the form of ritual, ceremony, or a spiritual habits or practice to ground your endeavors.


Sofia Wren

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