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by SofiaWren on December 13, 2017

Lately I’ve been on this “prepare for New Years” kick. I want to help you do it in the best possible way that will really be aligned with your spiritual potential, too.

In my last few posts the first thing we did was distinguish what you what from what others want for you. Then I helped you go into silence and clarify what you want. Then you took what you want and turned it into a mini goal so you could get momentum and traction right away.

Now you are ready to go big. Today I want to show you how to take the mini goals and expand them into a broader plan that you can then go implement.

Ok, so now you have some energy flowing. Maybe you are even getting a little bit excited. Good! Yay. Let’s really get into it now. The next thing that you do to really move forward and expand on those goals is to sit down with a piece of paper or a journal and brainstorm about all those things you need to accomplish to get what you want.

Write all of your thoughts down–thoughts, feelings, things to do, things you need, people to contact, random pictures or images, feelings, colors. This is brainstorming so it should be messy and untamed. Time to get out of the box during this step. Don’t edit, stay with the creative mind that just wants to pour everything out without stopped. It does not need to be organized. You are preparing for the future organization to happen by dumping out the contents of your brain. Write until you have no more to write.

It’s going to feel SO good.

Keep going, this may happen over a few days time, that is okay. Sometimes what we want is complex. A complex desire may require a complex plan. More importantly, it probably has been taking up a lot of space inside of you and you need to get all those thoughts, feelings and details out. Get this out now, and let the energy start to move so that after the brainstorm you can start to put the pieces together into your New Years plan. Follow the energy, just watch, it’s going to happen with minimal effort now that you’ve got it all out.

Now if you are one of those people who wants multiple things and has multiple projects and you get really overwhelmed and you want help with that so you can make progress next year, then I invite you to contact me and ask to have a goal setting session with me. We will review all of the different goals you have and identify what’s holding you back from accomplishing them and create a plan to move past that.

The New Year is approaching, which is why I’m offering these sessions for free before the 15th of January. I know there a lot of people who read my emails or my blog who have a lot of potential. Over the years I may have talked to you, one way or the other, or maybe we haven’t gotten a chance to meet. But I know you are there and I’m here to help. This is about you starting the year with goals and achievable ones! So you can actually make progress.

Contact me if you’d like to make an appointment to make a goal setting session!

You know I want everything to feel right for you, so listen to your intuition about the things that you want. You do deserve it and I hope 2018 is everything you hope it will be.

To your bright future & Have a great holiday.


Sofia Wren

PS Big kisses and thanks for reading my posts

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