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by SofiaWren on December 26, 2016

screenshot-2016-12-26-10-27-25Below is the reading for the week to help you make faster progress.

Happy Winter Solstice, Holiday, and New Years season.

This week we are committing to what matters to the heart.

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week.

What a joy! This week’s spiritual message is based on the Tarot card the Lovers I hope these messages help you make faster progress wherever you are in the creative process and bring balance to your life as well.

What a nice card to show up this week which is so full of holiday times, and thinking of generosity towards others. You may be spending time with or thinking about loved ones. You could see the theme of love and bonding in this card. It is perfect also for making those New Years resolutions.

Traditionally this card can also symbolize the independence that happens when a person is drawn to the person they love from the heart, and drawn away from their family or traditions by eros, passion or desire. This card speaks of the obvious themes: love, romance, attraction, sensuality, poetry, art, desire, but also something more intense in the theme of breaking away from the flock to pursue what you love and this big ole’ thing: COMMITMENT.

Ooo scary. In our society so often we skate along the surface, but at this time it’s as if the universe is boiling away some of the fluff, and you may be presented with starker choices. Whatever is before you this week will be symbolic of what you are really committed to– so remember what you love, what is close to your heart. You may be pulling away from some patterns, routines or traditions in favor of those things that are truly beautiful and valuable to you.

Commitment seems like a heavy thing but it doesn’t have to feel so deep down serious. You may find something light hearted about it– think of the analogy of a couple smearing wedding cake all over each others faces. You can be committed to the important things with that sort of playful, joyful and victorious attitude.

Commitment is essential to rapid growth and development as well as intimacy in relationships. So is clear communication and honesty. Be open with yourself to see how you fare in this area: how committed are you to your dreams?


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