Listening In and Creative Reworking

by SofiaWren on December 8, 2016

blogvideoHope your week is off to a good start. Have you had any time to get quiet and listen in? It’s a hustle bustle world out there but do not forget to listen to those quiet reminders from the inside.

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This week we are listening inside and reworking creative projects.

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week.

This week’s spiritual message is inspired by the Intuitive Tarot card, the Page of Wands Reversed.

It is possible this week that you may receive bad news, or have to rework something for a project. It could also mean that you need to take some time this week to really look inside and attempt to hear the messages that your soul is giving you.

If you have been ignoring some kind of inner call, the signs will get louder and may possibly cause trouble, so admist all the hectic energy of the ramp up to the holidays, be SURE to have downtime to hear your self in the silence. You absolutely need to get clear on what your soul and intuition are trying to tell you, it is VITAL this week. Reach out to me with an email if you want some 1-1 help on this to know what to do next and connect to your intuition.

There is a sense of newness to the ideas or projects you are working on but it is easy to get frustrated. Part of you may want to give up. At the same time this situation may provoke new innovations that will assist you in the long run. Be open to new solutions and do not give up hope. This situation will show you a new side of yourself.

This part of you has been waiting to emerge for a long time. You may receive confirmation messages around your core purpose that echo things you have been feeling for quiet some time now. Maybe it won’t all be “new” things you learn this week, maybe more reminders of what is vitally important to you right now and in2017.

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