Know What to Do Next this Fall: Sacred Writing Circle

by SofiaWren on August 24, 2016


Want to know what to do next in a way that really fits you?

What if you could hear your intuition THAT clearly?

Want to write more for pleasure or your profession?


Everything you need to make writing a daily habit this fall and thus know exactly what to do next because you can hear your intuition and trust it.


In a supportive group of other writers as part of the Sacred Writing Circle with Sofia Wren, you will:


  • Easily figure out what you need to do next because you let your intuition guide you.
  • Make real progress on your writing and creations, so your work is out in the world and helping people.
  • Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worry about what other people think.
  • Know what to do each month because you’ve received a group tarot reading.
  • Say yes to what is a priority for you since you’re THAT clear on what really matters right now.


Screenshot 2016-08-25 19.02.03



*Daily Inspirational Writing Prompts delivered by facebook and email

*Have fun sharing your process and answers in a private facebook community that will support you in your writing

*Monthly live interactive reflection workshops where you can share your face, voice and writing.

*Private, recorded and only available to participants in the class.

*Opportunities to email your questions or ask them live.

*Monthly tarot reading and energy work MP3

*Recorded so you can listen again and again.

*Bonus package of 10 healing recordings

*Bonus course on Intention to navigate the intensity of the upcoming eclipse season


Screenshot 2016-08-25 19.01.51


How It Works:

Each day I will post and email a prompt or question for you to answer in your own words on paper and post an update or excerpt of your work.

These questions are amazing and sacred –- sure help you heal deeply and with a sense of peace as you connect to that wisdom inside of you. You will answer you on the page.

You will also be part of our Sacred Writing Circle Online Forum on Facebook, where you may share, access the prompts, ask questions, and connect with me and each other throughout your journey.


Ready to sign up?

There are two options:

$97 Dollars One Time Payment In Full for September, October, November and December



$30 Dollars a Month for 4 Months of September, October, November and December



writingfreeSofiaWrenYou will always know what to do and write next!

Any questions, feel free to let me know! ☺

Program starts September 1st 2016

After purchasing, please await email notification  with the access details.

Email  for questions or concerns

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