Justice and Catching up

by SofiaWren on January 15, 2017

Capture13Everything is still going a bit slowly as I catch up with some things. As I mentioned last week, my car was totaled in a 4 car accident on Dec 29th. Luckily I made it ok, and this week I got a new (used) teal-green Toyota Corolla. I love it!

If you missed the Sacred Writing Challenge, and you want to catch up so you know what to do next in 2017 by tapping into your intuition–you can check out this playlist of all the videos encouraging you through all of the free prompts. Click here to enjoy

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This week’s message is Justice

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week.

Justice showing up now is a big sign of things coming into balance very soon. Think about the things that have felt out of wack. They will soon be coming to balance. What can you do to bring harmony and balance to all aspects of your life right now?

What passions can you pursue? How can you take care of yourself? How can you focus on what really matters?
How can you forgive yourself more? You may ask for help.
When this card is ill-expressed, we can be overly judgemental or angry at aspects of other people or ourselves. Social justice is important but Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke that love is the only way we dissolve our enemies, rather than fighting. Lets start on the inside. Take this to really be about the energy or vibration of love, as well as letting go and becoming more emotionally detached if you can from situations that seem unfair. Things will come into balance soon.


You may engage in a ceremony of letting go and releasing the past.


Make sure you consider the big picture and essential truths before acting to stir things up. What does pure truth and justice feel like to you? Meditate on it. But yes, it may be time to engage with others in some way.


Hold faith and Strength. Despite how difficult coming into healthy balance may seem, you have all the power you need in your life. Some of that involves connecting and reaching out.

Writing can help you tap into this powerful cleansing force. Click here to be guided through the free Sacred Writing Challenge on Youtube
Have a good one

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