Fallen Off? Get Back on Track with Your Habits

by SofiaWren on June 12, 2017

Recently I was interviewed on the topic of habits. We all have those practices and routines that keep us grounded, centered and making progress on our goals. But some times we fall off?

Listen as I coach Bettina on how to get back on track with her habits.

It could be that you need more freedom from the structures you have created. Often times creative types thrive on novelty, and you may need to figure out a way to have a balance of freedom and structure.

Then there is also the consideration of what really works for you–why did you have your habits in the first place? How can you carry forward the best of what was working to help you make faster progress while leaving behind things that may be bogging you down?

And how can you use supports like apps or planners to help you feel on track without getting off track or distracted?

Finally I share my number one top on what I do when I have fallen off of my habits!

I can’t wait for you to listen to this short podcast!

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