Emotions and Releasing Obligation

by SofiaWren on December 15, 2016

screenshot-2016-12-15-11-59-23We have more emotions coming up this week. Has it been a roller coaster for you? Yeah, me, too.

Below is the reading for the week to help you make faster progress, with some EXTRA insight just for you who get my emails.

This week we are feeling into our emotions, and releasing obligation.

You may also enjoy this Youtube Video on the message for the week.

This week’s spiritual message is based on the Knight of Cups Reversed. I hope these messages help you make faster progress wherever you are in the creative process or cycle as a writer, creator or business owner.

Another reversed card, two weeks in a row. Let’s remember that the reversedposition really means we have something new to learn on this topic. It doesn’t mean it’s bad or good.

Once again, and even more strongly this week, we need to be open to listening within to our feelings. We need to let go of feeling Obligated. Sometimes we are going to be feelings highs–and sometimes we are going to be feeling lows. But listen to what you are feeling and it may be a time when you need to chuck old rules and expectations out of the window so you can solve problems more creatively, take your time, get a break,etc, whatever you FEEL like doing. It may be difficult to let go and trust yourself that way, rather than an external authority, but it is what is really needed right now.

Pace yourself because although this may be a final push before the holidays, you will be feeling and reeling in the face of a lot of changes, like the seasons and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde.

Challenge of the week: feeling, accepting our deepest darkest feelings and honoring them (not pushing them away) do they heal and pass us by. OR possibly they give us the strength to be our own knight in shining armor. Anything you have been repressing or unaware of may be coming to light and for good reason: it’s SO time for you to shine, lovie.

Be super kind and gentle to yourself. Although you may feel like you need to take care of other people, let people take care of you. Let you take care of you. Don’t put yourself or your needs last.


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