Create an Awesome 2017 with {Free} Sacred Writing Challenge!

by SofiaWren on December 29, 2016

writingfreeSofiaWrenMy soul loves this time of year. Every so often, I do a special FREE event called the Sacred Writing Challenge.

It started a few years ago when I was meditating on the Akashic Records. Something just struck me– it was an idea that wanted to get into action immediately. A list of writing prompts came through me on the page, and within 24 hours, I had my first group writing through the prompts together. Never in my life did something so grand come together so quickly and easily, and now we have over 170 people involved.


Want to know what to do next to create an awesome 2017?


What if you could hear your intuition more clearly so you always know what to do next?


The Sacred Writing Challenge will help you to:

+ Review the biggest lessons of 2016 so you can make 2017 even better

+ Easily figure out what you need to do because you let your intuition guide you.

+ Make real progress on your writing and creations, so you and your work is out there in the world helping people.
+ Start focusing on how many people you can help and stop worry about what other people think.


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Make faster progress getting what you really really want, because you are tuned into that special, magical, wise part of you: Your Soul, Your Higher Self, Your Creative Spark.

Whatever you call it, that wisdom is there, inside of you, and you don’t have to go far to find it–you just need to go in. Going in is what this challenge is all about, and you don’t have to do this by yourself, you can have a safe and loving community with you.


The next Sacred Writing Challenge begins January 1, 2017

At 4 PM EST on January 1 we will be kicking off the next Sacred Writing Challenge where you can use writing prompts and a supportive community to connect to your intuition, shift your emotions and make faster progress in the year ahead.

We will releasing anything we need to let go from 2016, and get clear on what really matters so we can achieve our goals with more ease in 2017. When you have your soul behind you, everything is easier!

There’s no charge to play with us, and there is no denomination or certain religious belief required. This is a spiritual journey.

You’ll enhance your intuition so you always know what to do next, and you will be able to speak up about what you really think and feel. It will help you digest everything going on so you can approach the new season focused on what you want to accomplish. Goodbye yucky feelings!!

Ready to know what to do next to set yourself up for an awesome year? 

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