Want to make faster progress on your goals? Trying to set a daily goal and make it a habit you do every day. (That’s what I recommend for writers so that you are always primed and ready to go when you need to make progress.)

But when we set goals it is easy to get discouraged or bummed out about missing a day–because we are tired or played hookey or whatever reason. The truth is it happens. Or maybe you owe someone an assignment, a job task, etc. and you start to feel guilty or upset that things are running late. What do you do?

You might know it is a good idea to move on and focus on what you can do today, but what if you are still holding on to those negative feelings from being off track.

Watch the video below: I guide you through a powerful process to let go of the past and get motivated to make faster progress right now.

PS Contact me if you’d like to chat about how I can help you make faster progress on your business or writing goals.

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October: Here We go Again

by SofiaWren on October 5, 2017

If today’s post looks familiar, it’s because I pulled a similar card for the month of April earlier this year. In some ways this month will be same old, same old, repeating similar patterns. On another level, it is entirely different because your energy levels, enthusiasm, your point of view and inspiration will all be different. It’s like a spiral- we can circle around back right to the point where we were before, earlier in the cycle, and yet experience it all and a higher and more transcendent level.

On one level, seeing this card, I feel frustration. I wanted a new energy. I was hoping to draw the Fool. But the Ace of Wands really is a new energy type of card- as an Ace it is the beginning of a cycle, and as a fire card it has a generative fresh energy that can inspire many new things. But as an Ace it also embodies the entirety of the journey. Like the saying, “The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.” So any patterns from the past you have been battling are likely to make an appearance–make sure to keep yourself aware so you don’t fall into the same old traps as before if you really want to turn over a new leaf.

This makes it difficult for me to get excited but then I remember other things that have lit me up for some time in my creative world: singing, playing music, art, the ocean, going on walks with colorful leaves, a fire pit. What lights you up and gives you inspiration? What new things do you want to explore? How can you combine old and new in your life as you move to the next level?

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July: Changes & The Moon

July 14, 2017

This month has certainly made it’s mark on me already, not what I expected at all. Read on below for my tips on flowing with the changes this months, as there will probably be a lot of them. It has already been up and down for me, and I hope this message not only helps […]

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Fallen Off? Get Back on Track with Your Habits

June 12, 2017

Recently I was interviewed on the topic of habits. We all have those practices and routines that keep us grounded, centered and making progress on our goals. But some times we fall off? Listen as I coach Bettina on how to get back on track with her habits. It could be that you need more […]

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June: 5 of Swords, Focus & Limits

June 8, 2017

I’m very excited for the future path in June. There’s a lot to do this month, and the important thing is not to get too stressed about it–as you can read below, there might be some tension that will take effort to release. I’ll be making a visit to the beach, family, and saying goodbye […]

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May: Inspiration & Opening Doors

May 11, 2017

Once again it’s a rainy day as I write to you about my feelings about the month ahead so you can tune into something to create faster progress on the life, business and creative projects you want to create. It’s been a wild ride. April has been very intense for me, as I faced writing […]

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You Don’t Need Rescuing but You Might Need Witnessing

April 27, 2017

Two new videos for you this month on the topic of recusing, fixing and getting stuck in other people’s problems. Just a reminder that you are capable and you can do this! You don’t need rescuing (I don’t mean from a burning building, I mean from the things that come up in your life and […]

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April: Fire, Energy, Inspiration

April 13, 2017

April has a fresh feeling to it in my part of the world. The rain is cascading down around my little office as I write to you about my impressions for how to make faster progress this month. The truth is the energy has been racing forward for the last couple weeks and a stream […]

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Cords, and Awakenings

March 30, 2017

What you need to know to make faster progress now! Two themes have been coming up in recent times 1: Feeling overwhelmed? It is really important to save your energy from being drained by cords to people outside of you. This will give you more power to help you have better relationships and make faster […]

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Epic Fire: Interpreting 9 of Wands

March 22, 2017

Anything epic happening yet? How is March going for you so far? Here’s the video for message of the month based on the 9 of Wands, followed by some epic events coming up I wanted to let you know about. This video for this month’s message to help you make faster progress   EPIC EVENTS […]

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