July: Changes & The Moon

by SofiaWren on July 14, 2017

This month has certainly made it’s mark on me already, not what I expected at all.

Read on below for my tips on flowing with the changes this months, as there will probably be a lot of them. It has already been up and down for me, and I hope this message not only helps you make faster progress on your business or creative projects, but also helps you find more peace in your life and off time.

Enjoy the beach if you can get there! I’m about to head over there now.


Below is the reading for July to help you make faster progress and hear your intuition clearly so you always know what to do next.


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{The image of this card is from the Mythic Tarot}

This spiritual message of this month is based on the Tarot card The Moon. Take a moment to be open to any positive shifts that may occur as you read this sacred writing and remember to breathe.

This illusive and mysterious card signifies that something is running under the surface that creates changes, variation, and may be unknown or mysterious.

This brings to mind the lesson of “We do not know what is good or what is bad.” Change always creates emotions but specifically in this case, we have to keep our minds open to being present and riding the wave of whatever is going on. There is so much that we don’t know that we don’t know. Just the lack of control itself can bring up a lot of feelings and may be the biggest lesson of this month. Go with it, feel it, don’t try to resist or push it away. Be here now, even if it seems bad, you won’t know how everything will fall in the end.

In the vein of staying present, it is important to note that if we have no control over what changes, and know only that things will change, then we need to enjoy the moment as much as possible before it slips us by. Practice gratitude for all that you have because you may not realize what you will miss; often times we don’t see things coming. (This past week one of our sweet cats passed away suddenly, such a reminder not to assume anything will continue and to savor the present as much as we can.)

Another theme of the month is that of mystery and hope. The moon has always been a sign to me of hope, because when all is dark, a time of fullness will always come. There are unspeakable mysteries in the world, things you can’t quite put your finger on. At the same time you may feel emotional lows this month from things being out of control and variable, you can also feel expansive and connected to spiritual states of being which bring hope or beauty.


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Fallen Off? Get Back on Track with Your Habits

by SofiaWren on June 12, 2017

Recently I was interviewed on the topic of habits. We all have those practices and routines that keep us grounded, centered and making progress on our goals. But some times we fall off?

Listen as I coach Bettina on how to get back on track with her habits.

It could be that you need more freedom from the structures you have created. Often times creative types thrive on novelty, and you may need to figure out a way to have a balance of freedom and structure.

Then there is also the consideration of what really works for you–why did you have your habits in the first place? How can you carry forward the best of what was working to help you make faster progress while leaving behind things that may be bogging you down?

And how can you use supports like apps or planners to help you feel on track without getting off track or distracted?

Finally I share my number one top on what I do when I have fallen off of my habits!

I can’t wait for you to listen to this short podcast!

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