Fallen Off? Get Back on Track with Your Habits

by SofiaWren on June 12, 2017

Recently I was interviewed on the topic of habits. We all have those practices and routines that keep us grounded, centered and making progress on our goals. But some times we fall off?

Listen as I coach Bettina on how to get back on track with her habits.

It could be that you need more freedom from the structures you have created. Often times creative types thrive on novelty, and you may need to figure out a way to have a balance of freedom and structure.

Then there is also the consideration of what really works for you–why did you have your habits in the first place? How can you carry forward the best of what was working to help you make faster progress while leaving behind things that may be bogging you down?

And how can you use supports like apps or planners to help you feel on track without getting off track or distracted?

Finally I share my number one top on what I do when I have fallen off of my habits!

I can’t wait for you to listen to this short podcast!

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June: 5 of Swords, Focus & Limits

by SofiaWren on June 8, 2017

I’m very excited for the future path in June.

There’s a lot to do this month, and the important thing is not to get too stressed about it–as you can read below, there might be some tension that will take effort to release.

I’ll be making a visit to the beach, family, and saying goodbye to my childhood home with a party. My latest writing class in Annapolis went well. Look out for another in the future.

You can also listen to my latest radio interview on Life Simplified about getting back into habits when you have fallen off (listen here) and watch videos I’m putting together on facebook and youtube. And I’m available for consultation, too.


Please enjoy the message for the self and share it with a friend.

Below is the reading for June to help you make faster progress and hear your intuition clearly so you always know what to do next.

{This card is from the Wizard’s Tarot}

This spiritual message of this month is based on the card 5 of Swords. Take a moment to be open to any positive shifts that may occur as you read this sacred writing and remember to breathe.

This card can represent mental conflict. But it’s our choice whether we stay in a place of tension or not. Each sword represents a different thought or direction you could go in. Something difficult or challenging this month will be the issue of mental focus, or choosing which sword (goal) to pick up and carry.

For the last several months we have been attempting to go into a linear direction to accomplish goals or achieve happiness in some way. This month that may be difficult. In fact if you haven’t already you may make faster progress by embracing a nonlinear path. Sortof like the old “road less traveled.”

You may no longer be able to set your sights on a singular goal or end, or achieve a focus without either becoming overloaded or forgetting something important. However, you can achieve a balance between a number of factors. Anytime you set down a goal or sword for a time, it is not “good bye forever,” instead things may just pause until you have more energy or space to address it more efficiently. Also switching up what you are working on and relaxing into such a rhythm will help you to think more creatively and trust your intuition to help you make faster progress.

Try picking 5 focuses for the month, and trust yourself to work on what seems more important each day, even if you don’t hit all five at the same time.

In the picture of the card you can see a man choosing between five swords. Some lay on the ground and some remain in his arms. If you carry too many goals or thoughts at once, you will drop them all and end up harming yourself or self-sabotaging. However, if you are able to list out your major priorities, then you can address a handful of the most important ones at any time. You can’t do everything all at once, and this month you will feel aware of these time, energy and focus limitations despite having energy or desire to tackle it all.

In order to know which things to focus on at any given time, you will need to listen to your body and intuition.

Extra insights only for email subscribers:

Not making the progress you want? Contact me and let me know. We can set up a free conversation and I will help you to know what to do next and maximize your time through a recommendation. Examples of projects I help with are writing books, ebooks, email newsletters, sales page, blogs, video scripts, words for your website or flyers. I not only can help you to write but I also sometimes do writing for my clients who want to save time.


Some people have asked me if I still offer personal Tarot or intuitive readings, and I do! As well as other healing work to help you make faster progress and hear your intuition. If you are feeling drawn to that kind of spiritual and emotional support contact me to let me know!

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May: Inspiration & Opening Doors

May 11, 2017

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