Sofia-1029I call myself Sofia Wren:

Sofia, I grew up a bookish girl named for the goddess of Wisdom, forever hunting meaning and understanding. I go into the depths, including myself to find innovative solutions and insight. 

Space & Silence: the space between the words, the emptiness behind the scribbling pen, the stillness of meditation, the place that insight comes. I grew up secular but I needed answers, and I needed wisdom to answer those unsolvable problems. Something bigger always shows up, when I listen to the silence. There are always depths that language cannot reach.

Wren, a name I grew to call myself after the friendly, feisty little birds. I grew into a young woman dedicated to voicing what needs to be said, to embracing courage and vulnerability, to be free! I live for innovation, transformation and freedom, even if we have to kick the doors of limitations down and plant a boot on top of them. I’m not afraid to say no.



 Sofia Wren: Overcoming struggle, learning to write & be more myself.


My name is Sofia Wren and I was born on an island. As a little mermaid, I played with rocks on the beach and tried to jump over waves.

I’ve always been sensitive, and drawn to Mother Nature. My Momma was the Ocean.

I always loved books, and after reading fantasy novels I decided to become a priestess with magic powers. 

This is who I really am.

Other kids thought this was strange. That didn’t feel good.

And then the stormclouds came….

Something happened then, where I lost myself in the crowd.

All I could share were facts and figures that I learned about in books or school.

I couldn’t be myself because it was too hard. I was too afraid of being made fun of, of being wrong or different.

No one saw the real me until ten years later, when I started to write again.

I got so afraid of what people thought of me, that my creativity had dried up. I couldn’t finish stories and it would take years of exploring creativity, writing, spirituality, and healing to find my muse again.


Now I work with entrepreneurs, creators, and spiritual women, and help them to TRUST themselves and their intuition so they always know what to do next in their creative process and goals.

I help them to let go, so they can show up more authentically as themselves in the world and draw the admirers and clients that really fit them. By listening to their heart and muse, they save time and energy they could have wasted angsting and being confused, and instead make faster progress on their goals.


I learned how to heal from the past and let it go, so that I could create anew and get my MESSAGE out there.

No one was a role model to me growing up to show me how to be the kind of woman I really wanted to be. I didn’t have a mother. My step mother was a trip. And I was different– I loved Goddesses, and mermaids and magic, but I also loved getting As and being the best I possibly could be at all the things other people told me were important. In the end, I had to hide that different wild spirit for a long long time. During my formative years, I went from temporarily popular, to bullied, to the girl hiding behind her long hair, invisible unless I had the right answer.

I know what it is like to shut down everything that made me ME. I wouldn’t let myself express myself for fear of what might happen.

And gradually, step by step, I know what it is like to let that fear fade away and USE YOUR VOICE, be yourself, and rock it at whatever it is that you want to do for yourself (not for anyone else).


It’s easy to sink in stories of the past. Today I choose to rise! In spite of a painful past, I regained my creativity, my confidence and, most importantly of all, found ME.

It’s a beautiful thing to learn how to trust yourself and your intuition after a long long time. Then you always know what to do next.


I currently attend Loyola University studying for a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Direction so I can serve others even more deeply, and help them listen to that wise place inside and a higher power (if that feels right to them).

I’m lucky that these days, in person and online, I’m not afraid to share who I am, where ever I am, and I am thanked on a daily basis for sharing my unique perspective because it inspires other people to be more themselves. That’s the gift I want to give to other people: you can find your voice and be who you are in the world no matter how different you are or how you have been received in the past. I learned how to tap into something bigger and waste less time and energy on what other people think. You can, too

Contact me for a free conversation to see how I can help you. I’ll ask about your challenges, your goals and we’ll see what recommendations I have. It could be a service or offering or a blog, website, etc that is a free resource for you. Whatever works for your particular situation.


Benefits of working with Sofia:

  • Edit your writing for your book or business including, book manuscripts, blogs, newsletters, webpages and emails.
  • Create all the writing to get your offerings to more people as a writer or entrepreneur online, including copywriting for online sales pages, emails, websites, email funnels, video scripts, social media posts and Product Launch Formula style marketing launches (a system of 3 videos created by Jeff Walker).
  • Develop book concepts, writing, platform building, launching and marketing.
  • Get help to create content, develop offerings or plans to market to reach more people and make faster progress.
  • Make faster progress on your projects including books, blogs, business offerings, in a way that really expresses who you are in the world with personal mentorship.
  • Get support to reach more people around the world with your message online and in person, being who you are and feeling your best as you put yourself out there.
  • Express yourself more authentically so people can know, like and trust you as you are.
  • Create written content for books, blogs, emails, products, or scripts for video and audio presentations.
  • Navigate emotions and doubts in the way of using your voice more powerfully.
  • Protect yourself from inner and outer criticism so you can create good art and feel safe.
  • Balance your sensitivity and empathy with your own needs and get what you want without feeling too bitchy.
  • Heal from past traumatic events that affect you and the way you can earn money or use your voice in your business and career today
  • Connect to your higher wisdom for guidance and support.

The Life of Sofia Wren

Sofia Wren Nitchie graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science (Italian Minor) from the esteemed Bryn Mawr College in 2009. At 22, as an Americorps member she volunteered 1700 hours with intercity youth as English language tutor, and organizer of after school creativity for singers, dancers, musicians and hiphop artists. (They wouldn’t let her teach creative writing.) Her talent show of 22 acts brought over 250 audience members: more parents and supporters to the school than had been there all year. She’s now a student at Loyola’s Spiritual and Pastoral Care M.A. program with a concentration in Spiritual Direction.

She is a lifelong writer and blogger since 1997, with her peak readership at 5000 readers a month on her siteSince 2009 Sofia has dedicated herself to the craft of writing daily, having participated in National Novel Writing Month 3 times, and subscribing to the rule of Morning Pages or three pages a day. She has studied writing, internet marketing, business, and editing with a variety of teachers. She’s also collected a list of certifications in the healing arts including coaching, intuitive readings, akashic records, Emotional Freedom Technique, acupressure, energy healing, and massage therapy. She’s been tapped as a copywriter to many professionals due to her writing ability and gift for tapping into the “voice” and inspiration of a project. She’s also a skilled one-on-on coach for writers and creators who want to make faster progress on their projects and get to the heart of the matter in their challenge to move forward.

Sofia’s work has been published in two books, several magazines, dozens of websites online. She writes regularly to her broad social media tribe and email newsletter of over 800 subscribers. She has several books in the works including a carefully crafted memoir called Freedom and a nonfiction guide to reading the Tarot.

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Gina April 19, 2015 at 11:09 am

I must say that I absolutely adore your site. I found you on youtube when I was looking for stuff on Empaths and I have to say you’re one of the most unpretentious people to make one of these videos, coz nowadays the videos tend to take on this “know-it-all” aspect to them. So, thank you so much because yea it’s really nice meeting kindred spirits.


SofiaWren May 4, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Yay Gina!!!! Thanks so much for coming by, I adore your love note <3 I'm so about being me, glad we can connect this way 🙂


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