Sofia-1029I call myself Sofia Wren:

Sofia, bookish goddess of Wisdom, forever hunting meaning and understanding. From the depths, she coaxes the light of healing and inspiration into bloom.

Wren, cheeky whisper of individual freedom, daring to push the edge of innovation, fear and courage. She demands transformation and freedom– kicks the limitations down.

Space, between them: the emptiness behind the scribbling pen, the stillness of meditation, trusting that something bigger will fill in the gaps in our understanding so we can show up and be present as enough. Knowing that there are always depths that language cannot reach.



Sofia Wren: The story of the ancient soul in a 5 year old body


My name is Sofia Wren and I was born on an island. As a little mermaid, I played with rocks on the beach and tried to jump over waves.

I’ve always been sensitive, and drawn to Mother Nature. My Momma was the Ocean.

I always loved books, and after reading fantasy novels I decided to become a priestess with magic powers. 

This is who I really am.

Other kids thought this was strange. That didn’t feel good.

And then the stormclouds came….

Something happened then, where I lost myself in the crowd.

All I could share were facts and figures that I learned about in books or school.

I couldn’t be myself because it was too hard. I was too afraid of being made fun of, of being wrong or different.

No one saw the real me until ten years later, when I started to write again.

I got so afraid of what people thought of me, that my creativity had dried up. I couldn’t finish stories and it would take years of exploring creativity, writing, spirituality, and healing to find my muse again.


Now I work with entrepreneurs and creatives, and teach them how to TRUST themselves and their intuition so they always know what to do next in their creative process.

I help them to let go, so they can show up more authentically as themselves in the world and draw the admirers and clients that really fit them. By listening to their heart and muse, they save time and energy they could have wasted angsting and being confused, and instead make faster progress on their goals.


I learned how to heal from the past and let it go, so that I could create anew and get my MESSAGE out there.

And that’s what I do for others. But it wasn’t always that way.

When I was in middle school, a lot of people rejected me all at one time because I was different than other people. Although I was a confident little ten year old, after these rumors happened I shrunk and became some one else. This is probably connected to the pain I have carried through my life from never having a mother or the sense of safety that might bring. Because I felt all on my own, the only thing that felt safe was to hide who I really was. 

All I really wanted was to find a path that made sense to me. When I followed my heart and explored my spirituality, friends spread rumors about me.


I hated the way some people spat it like it was a curse. I felt scared.

All I really wanted was an Earth Mother. The word God didn’t resonate with me.

And Goddess, I sure needed a female role model. But when I went seeking for something, higher, bigger–people misunderstood and mislabeled me, and they hurt my feelings  because I sought something different.

Because I was different.

Unfortunately that isn’t all I had to go through. My step mom, the closest thing I had to a mother, pushed me down again and again. She showed symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

I spent years treading water, trying to keep my head above the self-criticism I learned to put myself through from the decade of her emotional abuse.


And so I have hid my spirit for a long long time. I was the girl hiding behind her long hair, invisible unless I had the right answer.

I know what it is like to shut down everything that made me ME. I wouldn’t let myself express myself for fear of what might happen.

And gradually, step by step, I know what it is like to let that fade away.


It’s easy to sink in stories of the past. Today I choose to rise–in spite of my painful past situations, I have regained my creativity, my confidence and authenticity.

Most beautifully of all, I have relearned how to trust myself and my intuition. There is something magical about me, and a part of me always know what to do next.

Now I attend Loyola University studying for a Masters of Arts in Spiritual Direction so I can serve others even more deeply. In class and online, I share who I am, where ever I am, and I am thanked for my unique perspective. I learned how to tap into something bigger and waste less time and energy on what other people think.

I not only have published my writing , but I help others entrepreneurs and creators make faster progress as a Creative Collaborator, Healer, and Creative Soul Mentor. 

We all have our unique song and we don’t have to let the past or the people we are not meant to serve limit who we can become.

I am committed to helping women and conscious men to be more creative, make faster progress on their creative goals and reach more people with their message as who they really are. Their business and writing audience expand AND their lives change.



As an adult I’ve learned how to translate what I feel about people.

I know things, I can feel things about people even when they are far away. I also notice changes in the global environment, which I post about on social media and let my clients know more about. This is helpful for navigating the emotions coming up and making faster progress.

Several years ago I began to connect to something deeper and richer as well–The Creative Soul. It’s the special energy that is a part of something even before it’s been created. It’s kind of like a map for writers and creators. That’s why I am a unique Creative Soul Mentor who can help entrepreneurs, creators and writers make faster progress in their unique creative process.

And I’m so glad that now that I’ve done so much healing, I can help people even more.

Because I’ve gone through so many of the same tangles, having trouble with self doubt, and overthinking!

See my many success stories, including women who found inspiration to write, start their business, and change their lives.

One Lady, Many Facets


I dare to tell the truth as it is. I dare to use my voice, and my power to start needed conversations. It used to be terrifying and now it feels good. It’s how I can inspire you to be true to yourself (even if you are a weirdo like me. Yay!)

Call me weird but I’m like a mermaid:

I’m a sensitive, big hearted, wanna-change-the-world kinda girl.

It’s hard to fit in a box-I’m half human and half something else entirely.

Something kinda dancey and sparkly and wise as a child.

I’m watery but I have an inner fire to constantly create beauty all around me.

I’m daring to be a “strong woman” and live powerfully whatever that means, and I’m also totally clueless (sometimes) because I can be so damn innocent and trusting. But that’s OK, I’m not going to change.

I’ve got a siren song, baby, to entice you forward, and I give you glimpses of how beautiful things can be when your unique song can ring in the world.

But that can be scary. I know how it is. I used to want to hide in the ocean for no one to find me.

Now it’s a balance: At times the words dry up and I need sacred silence. This unplugs the block so the pages flow. Other times I’m treating a video camera like my magic mirror that just pours out love.

My favorite place to play is in the deep waters of emotions and mystery. That’s where my power stretches wide. That’s where we need to go if you can’t use your voice and share who you really are, yet. Then we can play on stage– another of my favorite place.

If I’m not by water, I fill my thirst with writing, meditating, pulling cards, sitting in ceremony and inspirational books.


I can help you reach new heights-or new depths, what do you want to create? What do you want to say, or share or do?

We can talk if you want, during one of my free Creative Soul Clarity Sessions. I can give you my insight into your next steps, or recommend something to help you.


Writing Changed My Life


Eighteen years ago I created my first blog, which had about five readers. I had a pen name because I was 11.

In 2014 I received about 5,000 visitors to my site a month and decided to come out of the closet. I replaced my anonymous pen name and became globally visible as Sofia Wren.

Since then I’ve been published as a regular columnist for Quantum Success Magazine, and Silent Voices UK. I am also a contributor to the book Voices of Feminine Leadership. Certified by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, the Akashic Records Institute and as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve collected a myriad of tools to help entrepreneurs and creators make faster progress. 

I also write songs– which I have now performed on stages in three states. Me: the girl who used to hide behind her long long hair. ME: the girl who stood up to sing in 2014 and had her voice choke and forget all the words. Now I have been told my voice is healing. Sometimes people cry.

Since then, I still blog, but I’ve put more focus on the number of people I contact by email each week (over 1,000) and the people I talk to daily on social media. I’m THAT out there with my authentic badass self.

But it’s not all about me. I live a life of service.

And I want to help other givers- to empower the people who naturally want to serve. To give influence to the people who are inclined to listen to the problems of others.

Time to get out of hiding and spread your message!

It is my calling to empower others so they can use their voice.

Together we can create a beautiful world into being together, one that is authentic and connected, and in balance.


What I do:


I work with entrepreneurs and creatives with a message to share who want to make faster progress on their projects and always know what to do next because they can hear their intuition and trust it. 

I help people to be more authentic in their message (online, social media, video, blog, email, books, in person, etc.) so people can really KNOW them. That means people can find you, connect with you, give you business or read your stuff. And it’s life changing. 

Ultimately it’s about trusting yourself. I can help you do that and release fears, blocks, self-doubt, and anxiety around being more yourself for more people to see and hear you. And when you trust yourself, that wise part of you (the part that’s totally magic!) will guide you every step of the way.

And in an artistic sense I am a professional Muse:  I draw the spark of wisdom from thin air to unlock the problem at hand. It was there the whole time! I can teach you how to connect to it, too.


Benefits of working with Sofia Wren

  • Finish your book and self publish it for passive income, career enhancement and emotional satisfaction.
  • Reach more people around the world with your message.
  • Make social media posting faster and more efficient because you always know what to say.
  • Express yourself more authentically so people can know, like and trust you as you are.
  • Write more on your blog or organize your ideas so that your posts can become a book.
  • Create written content for books, blogs, emails, products, or scripts for video and audio presentations.
  • Focus your business or creative writing so it connects with your ideal audience for more income and impact.
  • Grow into more wealth and visibility.
  • Navigate emotions and doubts in the way of using your voice more powerfully.
  • Protect yourself from inner and outer criticism so you can create good art and feel safe.
  • Balance your sensitivity and empathy with your own needs and get what you want without feeling too bitchy.
  • Rewrite the wounds of the pasts into your strengths.
  • Connect to your higher wisdom, guides, angels or other faces of the divine if you desire for support and guidance.
  • Find your purpose and clarity on what to do next for prosperity and happiness
  • Learn Universal Principles to attract followers, wealth, and synchronicity into your amazing life.

 See the Services Page 

The Life of Sofia Wren

Sofia Wren Nitchie graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science (Italian Minor) from the esteemed Bryn Mawr College in 2009. At 22, as an Americorps member she volunteered 1700 hours with intercity youth as English language tutor, and organizer of after school creativity for singers, dancers, musicians and hiphop artists. (They wouldn’t let her teach creative writing.) Her talent show of 22 acts brought over 250 audience members: more parents and supporters to the school than had been there all year.

She is a lifelong writer and blogger for 16 yearsSince 2009 Sofia has dedicated herself to the craft of writing daily, having participated in National Novel Writing Month 3 times, and subscribing to the rule of Morning Pages or three pages a day. She has studied writing, and editing with a variety of teachers, as well as internet marketing, coaching, intuitive readings, archetypes, Emotional Freedom technique, acupressure, channeling, energy healing, and massage therapy.

Sofia Wren is the forthcoming author of FREEDOM YEAR: From Doormat to Dominance to Damn I love myself, a story of female empowerment. What does a strong independent woman really look like and how does one become one? After hitting rock bottom a young girl out of college decides to leave no stone unturned in her journey to be that strong independent woman she always wanted to be. Her journey takes her on adventure with  different results than she expected. Publication expected 2018.

Sofia currently attends the Jesuit Loyola Baltimore studying for a Master’s in providing spiritual direction to others. She is unaffiliated with a religion but very active spiritually. She has received certification as an Ethical Intuitive Consultant, Six Sensory, Manifestation Master, Licensed Massage therapist, Reiki Master, Akashic Records Consultant, Law of Attraction Coach (Quantum Success Coaching Academy) and First Degree Wiccan High Priestess of the Eclectic Fae Tradition. She has studied archetypes of tarot, goddesses, gods and angels, as well as anatomy, physiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, and acupressure. Her spiritual teachers also include  Sonia Choquette, Flora Peterson, Margaret Lynch, Christy Whitman, Melissa Feick and Hiro Boga. She is fluent in Italian, and plays harp, piano, and flute.

Sofia Nitchie grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and was born the polyglot daughter of an American man and an Italian woman from Turin, Italy. Her Italian mother passed when she was three, causing her to enter life asking big questions in and outside of traditional education. She visited Italy, England and France before her 10th birthday. She spent her teens reading, hiding from bullies, and teaching herself Italian, French, German, Latin and Esperanto. She minored in Italian and majored in Political Science, aiming to be a diplomat, but graduated knowing it wasn’t a fit for her sensitivity and love of freedom.

After graduating from college confused and lost, Sofia embraced writing, spirituality and healing modalities as the force sustaining her as a sensitive, idealistic person. Locked in the modern world, she always searched during youth for signs that the spirits of her ancestors winked in the world and that life had true meaning. Eventually, she found it.

Sofia is one part ancient soul, and one part 5 years old.  

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Gina April 19, 2015 at 11:09 am

I must say that I absolutely adore your site. I found you on youtube when I was looking for stuff on Empaths and I have to say you’re one of the most unpretentious people to make one of these videos, coz nowadays the videos tend to take on this “know-it-all” aspect to them. So, thank you so much because yea it’s really nice meeting kindred spirits.


SofiaWren May 4, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Yay Gina!!!! Thanks so much for coming by, I adore your love note <3 I'm so about being me, glad we can connect this way 🙂


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