April: Fire, Energy, Inspiration

by SofiaWren on April 13, 2017

Capture 1April has a fresh feeling to it in my part of the world. The rain is cascading down around my little office as I write to you about my impressions for how to make faster progress this month.

The truth is the energy has been racing forward for the last couple weeks and a stream of that is going to continue through April to help push through your projects. I will write more about the unique aspects of April you can benefit on below.

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But I do think it is important to note that you might be growing tired, overwhelmed or exhausted around now. We’ve been pushed by the universe for a few months now, and immersed in this firey season. However, we are human beings and we need balance. In order for you to make the most of this opportune time you have to care for your body and most importantly your energy levels. I’ll include some tips on this below, just for you email subscribers!

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Below is the reading for April to help you make faster progress.

I’m excited to debut a ton of new extra special insights just for you email subscribers! The words below have never been published before and were inspired by the work with my clients and exactly where we are right now.

{This card is from the Rider Waite Tarot}

This spiritual message of this month is based on the card Ace of Wands. Take a moment to be open to any positive shifts that may occur as you read this sacred writing and breath.

A new emerging creative power is coming forward, through our feelings, our passion, our actions and deeds. This may be something entirely new coming to take the place of things missing or lost in the past, or this energy coming forward can be a deeper connection to

something of core importance to you. What do you value? Your health, happiness, freedom? These things can be a good rope to your core strength inside so be sure to hold onto what matters the most, even as new things arrive.

Trust yourself and your ideas! Drops of divine aha, inspiration and insight may find their way to you through the month. They may reawaken that core strength that is uniquely yours–the true power inside. You must trust yourself, and continue to breathe deeply and make space to receive these gems of insight. This may be difficult, so be prepared to insist if needed that you make the time and space to take care of yourself. You need space to know the difference between the anxiety of your ego mind, and the true direction of your highest and wisest self.

Listen and prepare because soon you will have the strength, power and clarity to roar like a lion, and spread your gifts, message and perspective with the world. You are here to make a difference. Things are changing. But give yourself the right to enjoy the process. Take breaks and savor the good things. Look inside for all that you need, not to the values or judgements of others around you. Stay on course with yourself.

This card bodes well for creators and innovators.

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