Achieve More With Silence

by SofiaWren on December 11, 2017

It’s me again sprinkling some love to help you prepare you for the New Year. Last time we talked goals and knowing what you want. Since so many people have trouble knowing what they want and what to do next, I have a shortcut for you. It works for everything.

It’s called silence.

It’s called inner or outer listening.

The Silence Test. It’s the ultimate way to know if you’re going in the “right” direction.

So when you do this practice, what are you listening to?


Absolutely nothing.

Instead of focusing on sounds of a door closing down the street, or a child playing, or music in the background, I want you to find the space, the absence, the gap in between noises.

If you like you can make a silent request to Spirit, God, Goddess, your Higher Self to be with you and guide you in this quiet time.

Once you’ve sat in the silence for a little bit, thirty seconds at least, now ask yourself a question.

You could use this for any question, but right now, I invite you to ask yourself:

What do I really want?

You may have a lot of thoughts running through your mind, but just try to listen to the silence. Keep going back to the silence. That is where you are going to find your answer.

When you’ve really allowed yourself to be in the silence, then something will occur to you. Trust that you will know it when you hear it. It will feel or resonate differently than the thoughts trying to distract you. When it comes to you, you will know it. Grab it. That is your answer.

This is how you know if you are going the right direction: silence. This is how you will know what you really want most of all so that you can make faster progress and get that.

Silence always has answers for you, if you take the time to listen.

This is your intuition. God, Goddess, or that wise presence by another name, speaking and giving you the answer.

So now I invite you to spend five minutes (or less, or more if you wish) and be in the silence today. Just take your questions or challenges or prayers or concerns about what you really want to happen in the New Year and just spend a moment inviting an answer to come into the silence with you.

I use this technique with my clients, having learned the power of silence from my Master’s studies in Spiritual and Pastoral Care from Loyola which is a Jesuit institution. I’ve been translating their methods of Spiritual Direction to a “Spiritual but Not Religious” way of being, like that of most of my clients.

Sometimes my clients sit in the silence and suddenly know exactly what to do to break through their resistance around that thing they know they have a clear download to do. Sometimes they know what to do in their business. Sometimes the steps to take their creative projects like song writing or even just taking care of life problems–suddenly the way seems clear and calmer.

Because they stepped out of their brain and into the silence.

So take this invitation to hit a pause button and whatever it is you are grappling with, let’s take five minutes or so and sit in it together. Starting with that question, “What do you really want?”


How was that for you? Feel free to comment


Sofia Wren

PS Try it!

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